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Introducing Pangea CMS


What's inside this article:

Basic information

Welcome to Pangea CMS! This article will walk you through some of the main features and help you get started creating and managing content.

But first, what is Pangea CMS...?

Pangea CMS is a Content Management System tailored for online journalism. Every day, Pangea CMS helps thousands of journalists to:

  • Create and publish different types of content.
  • Build custom pages to showcase content without the need to write code.
  • Stream live video / audio content to the website and beyond.

And much more...

Log in

Log in to Pangea CMS via the relevant link below, according on your entity:

  • RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)
  • VOA (Voice of America)
  • OCB (Office of Cuba Broadcasting)
  • LibertyNet

If prompted, enter the email address for your corporate Office 365 account.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Access features

The main features are available via the primary navigation. Access the primary navigation as follows:

  • Desktop: The primary navigation is always directly visible in the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  • Mobile: The primary navigation is available via the (three lines) button.

The features are grouped as follows:

  • Search: Find and manage content that has already been created.
  • Create: Create and upload new content.
  • Build: Build pages, segments, and update widgets.
  • Stream: Stream live video / audio content.
  • Newsletter: Send a newsletter to subscribers.
  • Settings: Manage the structure and organization of your site.
  • Administration: Access tools for site admins.

The sections below provide details about the most commonly used features.


On the main Search screen, find content created by your site or another site under the same entity. The items you see in the main window (search results) are set according to the filters at the side of the screen.

To access the search filters on a mobile device, hit the arrow tab.

For details, see the following articles:

TIP: Use the Editorial bar to start editing a published page directly from the public site. This removes the need to find the page on the main Search screen in Pangea CMS.

Create content

To create or upload new content, select Create in the primary navigation.

Content types are grouped as follows:

  • Text
  • Multimedia
  • Interactive

Select the content type you want to create. After you perform this action, the dedicated edit screen for the new content item normally opens.

For some multimedia content types (such as Video and Audio clip), you are prompted to manually upload files to Pangea CMS before you can start creating the content.

For information about the different content types, see the articles linked below:


Article | Backgrounder | Blog | FactCheck | Feature | Feature story | Live blog | News | Transcript


Audio clip | Document | Image | Loop video | Photo gallery | Slider gallery | Video


Dynamic infographics | Poll | Quiz | Snippet | Static infographics

Organize content

Categories in Pangea CMS organize your content by topic. For example, your website might have a "Politics" Category for all content relating to politics. Before you can save a new content page in Pangea CMS, you must first add the page to at least one Category.

Categories might serve the following purposes:

  • Promote content on your website. For example, a Category page can be enabled for a Category. On this page, visitors to your website can browse all the content from the same Category.
  • Customize the appearance of content pages. For example, the Latest news layout can be enabled for a Category. This layout is then applied on content pages from the Category.
  • Share content via third-party platforms. For example, podcast distribution can be enabled and configured for a Category. Audio / video content from the Category is then shared automatically via third-party podcast platforms (such as Apple podcasts and Spotify).

For more information about Categories, see the following article:

Build pages

You can build custom pages and segments to showcase your content. These terms are defined as follows:

  • Page: A standalone page with its own URL.
  • Segment: A component that might be displayed on multiple pages.

To build pages and segments, select Build in the primary navigation.

Build the following types of pages:

Build the following types of segments:

Build widgets

A widget is an interactive block of content that typically showcases one or more content items.

Pangea CMS lets you create a wide variety of widget types that serve different purposes. For an overview of the different widget types, see the following article:

Widgets can be displayed on pages and segments.


If your service produces live video / audio content, you can use Pangea CMS to send a live stream to the following platforms:

  • The public site
  • Social media accounts
  • The mobile app for your service

Access streaming tools via Stream in the primary navigation.

The following streaming tools are available:

Manual live stream

Manual live stream lets you set up a live video stream at very short notice. It is not necessary to know in advance exactly when the stream will end. This tool is ideal for reporting on breaking news stories and special events. Send a one-off stream to social media accounts, as well as to the website.

Learn more...

Scheduler & Template week

Scheduler & Template week lets you build a regular schedule for automatic live streaming of video / audio content. Manage the schedule for regular shows that stream new unique episodes at the same time each week. Stream regular content to the website, mobile app, and YouTube / Facebook accounts.

Learn more...

Tips & tricks

The following features in Pangea CMS might be helpful:

Editorial bar

The Editorial bar might be available at the top of pages while you browse the public site.

From the Editorial bar, you can perform the following actions:

  • Start editing the current page in Pangea CMS.
  • Disable cache to check very recent updates to the current page.

For details, see the following article:

User account

In your User account, manage how and when you receive notifications from Pangea CMS. Access your User account as follows:

  • Desktop: Go to the "person" button > My account.
  • Mobile: Go to > My account (the gear icon).

For details, see the following article:

Time and date information

When you enter time information in Pangea CMS (for example, if you are scheduling a live show), you always need to use the local time for your website. This means the time for your main audience base. Conveniently verify your local website time from Pangea CMS:

  • Desktop: Select the Time and date button.
  • Mobile: Select the button.

The local time for your website is marked with the label Website time.

Get help

The Pangea team is committed to helping you perform your work as effectively as possible. Review the options below:

Get in touch

If you are not sure how to use a particular feature, or you have a suggestion for how we can improve, we encourage you to get in touch.

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Request training

We offer personalized training for Pangea CMS users. This service is available for both new and experienced users.

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Find answers

A number of self-care options are available while you use Pangea CMS:

  • Tooltips: Next to most settings, you can hover over the ? icon to see a simple description of how the setting works.
  • Help buttons: On most screens, you can hit the Help button to open the relevant guide on our support site.

Need help?