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Poll Creation



Poll is feature that allows you to create public survey on your web site. You can add poll only in Poll Widget It can also contain various Related content such as an article. Users can vote once in any given poll. After that they will only be able to see results. However results are also available before voting.

Poll Creation Page

To open poll creation page click on New > Interactive > Poll.
In the General tab, type in your Question, set Publication date, and select which zones should the poll appear in.

In the Content tab​, it's possible to set up the ​Expiration Date of the poll. After this date, the poll will be visible, but closed for any further voting.
Check either Display percents box to display voting results in percents or Display number of votes to show the absolute number of votes each option has gained. You can also select both these options which will display in the "total votes (%)" format.

Fill expected possible answers in the appropriate fields. If you need to add more answers hit Add Answer button. Use and icons to change order of answers and Delete button to remove answer.

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