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Content widget (CMS 8)


Content widget is the most frequently used widget on the site. It allows to display various content types and offers multiple layouts. In this article we will take a closer look at Content widget setup and possibilites that it offers.

Navigation to the Content widget settings

In order to get to widgets and their settings, go to Sections > Sections > select a Section you want to work with and open it for editing > find already existing Content widget and click Edit.

To add a new content widget, simply drag&drop the block to the empty slot, as it is displayed on the screenshot below.

Content widget settings

There are 3 tabs with settings for content widget: Layout, Content and Settings. If you add new Content widget, the system will take you to the Layout tab.

Layout tab

There are mutiple different layouts available for the content widget. Please see the full list below. All layouts can be selected as Mobile app top story and display Zone/Date/Label, however, only some of them allow to display loop video or introduction. Please see each layout for details.

  • LIST

Select the layout fitting your needs and click on Next button in order to move to the Content tab.

Content tab

In the Content tab there are 3 different modes available for the content selection: Auto Mode, Manual Mode and Semi Auto Mode.

Auto Mode

If widget is in the auto mode, it will be automatically populated with the content according to the settings you setup. The only mandatory field for this mode is Content type (select nesessary content types, that can be displayed in the widget: Article, Feature Story, Photogallery, etc.).

Max Items – maximum number of auto searched articles (items) for this widget, enter the value between 1 and 30.

Show content from – how old content can be displayed in the article (for example, if 5 selected - not older than 5 days). Enter the value between 1 and 200.

Exclude content – allows to exclude from displaying up to first 15 items.

Categories (Zones in old CMS) – Categories allow to organize content on the web site. By assigning content to a category, the item will then appear in the category archive page. Categories are like folders, and by selecting a category in the auto mode widget settings, newest material from that category will automatically appear in the widget.
If you want for the widget to pull articles that only have selected category as Primary category, check the checkbox Primary category only.
If there is no specific category selected, newest articles from all categories will be pulled.

Tags – Tags help to categorize and search for articles in publisher and public site. If certain tags are added in the widget settings, only articles containing those tags will appear in the widget.

In order to see, which items will appear in the widget, click on Update button.

There will be couple of actions available for you:

Pin – allows to pin certain item(s) in order to keep them on the top of the list. Using drag&drop you can change the order of pinned items.

Note: in the auto mode there is no option to set up the order for all items in the widget, only for pinned ones.

Hide – if you decide to hide an article, it will not appear in the widget and it will be automatically replaced with the other one.

Live button (for article) – opens selected article on live site in the new tab.

Manual mode

In order to select items in manual mode, click on Set Manual Content button.

You will be taken to the search page, where using search parameters you can find and attach. Selected items will stay in the widget until they are replaced with the other items during another manual entry.

Manual mode allows you to:

  • Set the order of the items
  • Add Teaser and Edit teaser
  • Open link to live site of the selected article
  • Remove item

Semi Auto Mode

Semi Auto Mode is a combination of Auto Mode and Manual mode. It allows you to select a number of items manually and the rest – automatically.

Once content is selected, click Next to get to the Settings tab.

Settings tab

In the Settings tab you can:

  • Choose Header Display type (No Title, Standard title, Use image for header)
  • Footer link (No link option, Link to Section, Link to Zone, Link to Special page, Manual link)

Once you are done, hit Save and Close, if you work on the widget is over. To save the progress, but stay on the widget edit page hit Save. To return to the previous tab hit Previous.

Enable/Disable widget button can be found in the top right part of the screen and it is available in any tab.

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