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Customizing the website preview for a content page


What's inside this article:

Basic information

You can add Website teaser settings for any content page. Your chosen Website teaser settings will be visible in the default preview whenever the content page is shared and promoted across the site (for example, on widgets).

Do I need to add Website teaser settings?

No. Adding Website teaser settings is not required. If you don't add Website teaser settings, the website preview is generated from the General settings for the content page.

What is the purpose of Website teaser settings?

Put simply, Website teaser settings should make visitors want to open the page. You might consider the following optimizations:

  • Add a short introduction that is easily scannable and generates interest in the story.
  • Add a striking image / loop video to grab the attention of visitors.

Where exactly are Website teaser settings visible?

Different items are visible in different places. For details, see the sections below:

Add Website teaser settings

Add Website teaser settings by hitting Website teaser in the left panel on the edit screen for a content page.

Review the sections below for information about the individual settings.


Add a Website teaser title in the Title box.

The Website teaser title replaces the main title when the content page is shared:


Add a Website teaser introduction in the Introduction box.

The Website teaser introduction is visible when the content page is shared:

  • On widgets (if Display introduction is enabled in the widget Layout settings)
  • On Category archive pages that use the List with thumbnails layout
NOTE: The Website teaser introduction is normally applied as the meta description for the page. For detailed information, see the following article:


Add a Website teaser label in the Label box.

Website teaser labels are only visible on widgets. A widget only displays labels if Label is manually selected in the widget layout settings.

Labels might be visible on the following widgets:

Labels are commonly topics (such as 'Politics' or 'Sport') and can help categorize the items on a widget.


When you add a main image on a content page, the image is added automatically in the Website teaser settings as both the Horizontal image and the Vertical image. For details, see the following article:

Review the sections below for details about Website teaser images:

Horizontal image

Define the horizontal Website teaser image in the Horizontal image box.

The horizontal Website teaser image is visible when the content page is shared:

Vertical image

Define the vertical Website teaser image in the Vertical image box.

The vertical Website teaser image is only visible on Content widgets that use a vertical layout. This means the following layouts:

  • Top story package with vertical carousel on mobile
  • Vertical image
  • Media slider vertical

Normally, the same image is applied as the vertical and horizontal image. However, you might want to optimize how the vertical image is framed. Hit the Crop the image icon to change which section of the image is visible.

During cropping, the 3:4 aspect ratio is automatically maintained. For detailed information about aspect ratio and cropping, see the following article:

Alt text / Image caption

It's important to define the alt text for both images (horizontal and vertical). Alt text is not directly visible on the site, but it is important for site accessibility and SEO. For details, see the following article:

Add the alt text under Horizontal image caption / Vertical image caption.

Loop video

Optionally add a loop video to the Website teaser settings in the Loop video box.

The loop video might be displayed on widgets instead of an image. The dynamic (moving) version of the loop video appears on Content widgets if the following conditions are met:

  • The widget layout supports loop videos.
  • Display Loop video is enabled in the widget Layout settings.

The following Content widget layouts support loop videos:

  • Big image + thumbnails
  • Big images
  • Top story
  • Top story package
TIP: If you add a loop video as the main image for a content page, it's also important to manually add the loop video in the Website teaser settings. Otherwise, only the static version of the loop video will appear when the page is promoted on widgets.

Update teaser settings on a widget

While you edit certain types of widgets, you can update the Website teaser settings for any content page that is promoted on the widget. This option is only available when you update a widget using Manual mode.

In the Content section of the widget settings, hit Add / Edit teaser on the relevant box.

For detailed instructions, see the following article:

Pangea CMS Guide

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