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Using Loop videos on the website


Sample Loop video

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About Loop videos

What is a Loop video?

A Loop video is a short video that plays continuously on repeat with no sound. When you upload a regular video file as a Loop video, Pangea CMS will use the file to create a Loop video.

How can I use a Loop video?

A Loop video does not have its own URL or page on the public site. You can use a Loop video as follows:

Upload a Loop video

Upload a new Loop video via New > Multimedia > Loop Video in the top menu.

For detailed information, see the following article:

After the Loop video is fully uploaded, it is saved in Pangea CMS with the status Published.

The Loop video is not visible on the public site until it is manually added on a page. Go to the following sections in this article for more information:

Edit a Loop video

You can configure the following settings on the edit screen for a Loop video:

  • (A): Thumbnail: The static version of the Loop video. Might be visible on the public site (for example, if the Loop video is displayed on a widget that does not support Loop videos).
  • (B): Title (required): Applied as the default caption when the Loop video is used on the site.
  • (C): Introduction: Visible only in Pangea CMS.

The following additional features might be useful:

  • (D): Preview: Play the video file if it is fully uploaded. Otherwise, check the upload progress.
  • (E): Replace: Upload a new video file that replaces the current one. This option is useful if the upload fails.

Use a Loop video as a Main image

You can add a Loop video as the Main image on the following content pages:

To add a Loop video as a Main image:

  1. Hit Select content on the Editor screen.
  2. Select Content.
  3. Select Loop video under Content type, and hit Search.
  4. Hit + Attach (the plus icon) next to the Loop video you want to use.

The Loop video appears on the Editor screen. The change is not permanently applied until you hit Save or Save & close.

When a Loop video is added as a Main image, it plays properly on the content page. However, the static version of the Loop video will appear on widgets. If you want the Loop video to also play on widgets, add it in the Website teaser or Widget teaser settings for the content page. More information here:

Use a Loop video on a widget

Loop videos are supported for the following Content widget layouts:

  • Big image + thumbnails
  • Big images
  • Top story
  • Top story package

For other widgets and other Content widget layouts, the static version of the Loop video will be displayed.

Two methods are available for displaying Loop videos on widgets:

Website teaser settings

Add a Loop video in the Website teaser settings for a content page via Website teaser > Loop video.

The Loop video will appear by default on Content widgets if the following conditions are met:

  • The widget layout supports Loop videos.
  • Display Loop video is enabled in the widget Layout settings.

For detailed information about creating a Content widget, see the following article:

For detailed information about Website teaser settings, see the following article:

Widget teaser settings

Widget teaser settings are available at widget level and let you add a Loop video on the current widget only.

For detailed information about Widget teaser settings, see the following article:

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