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Privacy Policy

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) believes Internet users have a right to personal privacy and to unmonitored access to and navigation of the Internet.

In the course of our providing the best Internet news service possible to our users, we collect two types of information about and from our visitors: e-mail addresses provided to us by visitors wishing to subscribe to RFE/RL publications via e-mail, and aggregate statistical data used to track site usage.

E-mail Addresses

Subscribers to RFE/RL e-mail newsletters voluntarily supply their e-mail addresses to receive newsletters. RFE/RL will under no circumstances make e-mail addresses used for this purpose available to any third party. Nor will subscriber lists be shared internally for any purpose other than distributing the newsletters. Newsletter subscribers may unsubscribe from any newsletter at any time by following the directions published in the newsletter and posted on the website. If they experience problems unsubscribing, they may contact a staffer via an e-mail address published in each newsletter or by contacting the Internet Department at

Statistical Data

Like publishers of most websites, RFE/RL aggregates data when users visit the RFE/RL website. The purpose of this data collection is simply to count how many people come to the site, which countries they come from, which pages they view, etc. This data collection process does not enable RFE/RL to discern who you are, only that a computer with a specific number is accessing the webserver. The software we use to create reports from this data relies on a standard browser feature called a cookie to track which webpages visitors view on the site. These cookies are assigned at random with each newly created visitor session, and expire and are deleted after the visitor leaves the site. Reports generated by this data collection are used internally to improve the site and provide better value to our users based on their news consumption patterns.

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