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Using the Widget list


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About the Widget list

What is the Widget list?

The Widget list includes every individual widget instance from your website. When a new widget is created, it is automatically added to the Widget list. Via the Widget list, you can edit or delete a widget, check where a widget is used, and more.

Which widgets are included on the Widget list?

The Widget list includes the following widgets that are used on website items (Sections, Regions etc.):

  • Content widgets
  • FactCheck widgets
  • HTML widgets
  • Live Blog widgets
  • Live Streaming widgets
  • Manual Stream widgets
  • Multimedia widgets
  • Podcast widgets
  • Poll widgets
  • Subscription widgets
  • Trends widgets

The Widget list also includes:

  • Widgets that are assigned to Categories:
    • Slide-in widgets
    • You Might Also Like widgets
  • Other widgets:
    • Breaking news widgets
    • Push notifications

What is the difference between the Widget list and the Widget library?

The Widget list includes every widget instance from your website, while the Widget library only includes library widgets. Library widgets are also included on the Widget list, but every instance of the library widget is listed separately.

For information about the Widget library, see the following article:

Open the Widget list

To open the Widget list, go to Sections > Widget List in the top menu.

For each widget, you can check the following details:

  • Name: The Widget name set via the widget settings (not visible on the public website).
  • Type: The type of widget.
  • Layout: The widget layout (applies for widget types with multiple layouts).
  • Used on: The website item where the widget is used.
  • Widget ID: The unique ID for the widget.
  • Area ID: The unique ID for the area on the public website where the widget is used.
  • Modified: The time and date when the widget was last modified.

Sort the Widget list

By default, the widgets are sorted by the Modified value, with the most recently modified widgets listed first. You can also sort the widgets by a different value. Hit the relevant header and use the arrow icon to specify if the order is ascending or descending.

Search for a widget

Use the search filters at the top of the screen to narrow the list. The following options are available:


In the Search box, enter keywords from the Widget name. Hit Search to refresh the listed widgets.

Widget type

Use the Widget type drop-down menu to select a widget type (such as Trends). The list immediately refreshes to show only the selected widget type.

Widget shown on

You can list only widgets used on a specific website item (for example, list widgets from your website's homepage). Follow these steps:

  1. Use the Widget shown on drop-down menu to select the relevant type of website item.
  2. Use the second drop-down menu to select the name of the specific website item. Start typing the name to find the item more quickly.

The list automatically refreshes to show widgets from the selected website item.

NOTE: If the selected website item includes a library widget, every instance of the library widget appears in the search results (even instances used on other website items). This means the search results might include widgets from website items other than the one you selected.

If None is selected under Widget shown on, you see the following widgets:

  • Slide-in widgets
  • You Might Also Like widgets
  • Breaking news widgets
  • Push notifications
  • Widgets from cloned versions of website items that are not currently visible on the public website.

Check where a widget is used

Under Used on, you see the name of the website item where the widget is used. Hit the name to open the Editor screen for the website item.

This option is only available for widgets displayed on website items. For other widgets, the Used on column is empty. For information about the different widget types, go to the following section:

Edit a widget

To edit a widget, hit the widget name. If the widget does not have a name, hover over the panel and select the Edit item icon.

For detailed information about configuring a widget, see the relevant article below:

NOTE: We are still working on producing dedicated articles for all the available widget types. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Delete a widget

When you delete a widget via the Widget list, the following conditions apply:

  • The widget is removed from the Widget list.
  • The widget is removed from the public website. A white space is left on pages where the widget was used.

To delete a widget:

  1. Hover over the relevant widget panel and select the Remove icon.
  2. Hit Remove to confirm the action.

The widget is now deleted.

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