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Basic information

On the Widget list, view a list of all the widgets that your site currently has saved in Pangea CMS. When a new widget is created, it is automatically added to the Widget list.

From the Widget list, you might:

  • Find and edit a particular widget.
  • Find all instances of a particular widget type.
  • Find all widgets used on a particular page / segment.

Open the Widget list

To open the Widget list, go to Build > Widget List in the primary navigation.

Find a widget

The following options are available to find a particular widget:


Enter keywords from the Widget name, and hit Search.

On the Widget list, the Widget name is displayed under Name.

The Widget name for any widget can be updated via the builder for the individual widget in Pangea CMS. For details, go to the following section:

Widget type

Under Widget type, select a type of widget. The results automatically refresh to only show the selected widget type.

For an overview of the different widget types, see the following article:

Widget shown on

Under Widget shown on, select a type of page / segment. The results automatically refresh to only show widgets that are used on the selected type of page / segment.

In the second drop-down menu, select a specific page / segment. The results automatically refresh to only show widgets from the specific page / segment.

Check where a widget is used

Under Used on, check the name of the page / segment where the widget is used.

To open the builder for the page / segment, select the badge.

Edit a widget

To edit a widget, select the Name.

The widget builder opens in the same tab. For detailed information about the widget settings, see the relevant article below (according to the type of widget):

Content | FactCheck | HTML | Manual stream | Multimedia | Podcast | Poll | Slide-in | Trends

Delete a widget

To delete a widget, hover over the panel and select the Remove icon.

The widget is deleted from the Widget list and from the public site. A blank space is left on the public site where the widget was displayed.

Create a custom widget name

If your site manages widgets using the Widget list, we suggest creating a descriptive Widget name for each widget. The Widget name is visible only in Pangea CMS (not on the public site).

Add a custom name via Settings > Widget name in the builder for any widget.