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Build a Slide-in widget


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Basic information

A Slide-in widget slides in at the bottom of a content page after a visitor starts scrolling.

One Slide-in widget might be connected to multiple Categories. The Slide-in widget is displayed on content pages from each connected Category. For more details, go to the following section:

Build a new widget

To start building a new Slide-in widget:

  1. Go to Build > Slide-in widgets in the primary navigation.
  2. Hit + Add new.

The widget builder opens in the same tab. The remaining sections in this article will walk you through each stage of the process.

Choose the layout

In the Layout section, you can customize the widget layout.

By default, each Slide-in widget displays a title and a horizontal image.

Optionally select one additional element to display on the widget:

  • Category: The name of the Primary Category for the promoted item. The Category name functions as a link to the Category page.
  • Label: A custom label. Labels are commonly topics (such as "Politics" or "Sport") that help categorize the content on your site. You can add a label in the Widget teaser or Website teaser settings for the item.
  • Exact time: The exact publication time (such as "12:30"). The format varies, according to your site configuration.
  • Relative time: The relative publication time (such as "20 minutes ago"). After some time, the relative time stamp changes to an exact time stamp. The precise behavior varies, according to your site configuration.

Add content

In the Content section, choose which content is promoted on the widget.

First, select your preferred mode. The mode controls how the widget content is added and updated. The following options are available for a Slide-in widget:

  • Auto: The widget promotes the latest item that meets the defined criteria in the widget builder. For example, a widget might be set up to always promote the most recent Article from a particular Category. When a new item is published that meets the defined criteria, the widget updates automatically.
  • Manual: The widget promotes the item that is manually selected in the widget builder. The item on the widget is not replaced unless the widget is updated manually.

For more information about your preferred mode, see the relevant article below:

Add a custom widget name

Via Settings > Widget name, optionally customize the default widget name.

The Widget name is visible only in Pangea CMS (not on the public site). We suggest providing a descriptive name if your site uses the Widget list tool in CMS to manage widgets.

Add connected Categories

One Slide-in widget might have multiple connected Categories. The Slide-in widget appears on content pages from each connected Category.

Via Settings > Categories, connect the Slide-in widget to one or more Categories. You cannot select a Category that already has a connected Slide-in widget. This is because each Category can have only one connected Slide-in widget.

Set the status and save the widget

Before saving the Slide-in widget, select your preferred status using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner:

  • Enabled: After you save the widget, it will be immediately visible on the public site (if it is connected to a Category).
  • Disabled: After you save the widget, it will not be visible on the public site. However, it will be available for further editing in CMS.

Select Save or Save & close to save the widget.

Display a Slide-in widget on a content page

Slide-in widgets are only displayed on the following text content page types:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • FactCheck
  • Feature
  • Feature story
  • News
  • Transcript
NOTE: A Slide-in widget will not be displayed on a content page if the Latest news Category layout is applied.

To display a Slide-in widget on a particular content page:

  1. Find the content page on the main Search screen in Pangea CMS. For information about running a content search, see the following article:
  2. Select the content page.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Under Categories, select one of the connected Categories for the Slide-in widget.
  5. Mark the connected Category for the Slide-in widget as the Primary Category (click the Category so it turns blue).
  6. Select Publish or Publish & close to publish the change.

The Slide-in widget is now displayed on the content page (as long as the Slide-in widget has the Enabled status).

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