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Adding content to a Category

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About Categories

What are Categories?

Categories (previously Zones) organize content pages from your website by topic. For example, your website might have a Politics Category for all content relating to politics. Categories work like folders on your computer, where the content pages are stored. Every content page in Pangea CMS must be added to at least one Category.

Find general information about Categories in the article below:

Can I add a content page to multiple Categories?

Yes. Content pages can be assigned to multiple Categories. However, each page can only have one Primary category. Any additional Categories are used as Secondary categories.

What is the difference between Primary and Secondary categories?

The following rules apply for Primary and Secondary categories:

  • Both Primary and Secondary categories affect how content pages are distributed. For example, the Category archive lists all content pages from the Category (regardless of whether the Category is primary or secondary).
  • Only the Primary category affects which page elements (such as Regions and Slide-in widgets) are applied on content pages. For detailed information about Categories and page elements, see the following article:

Add content to a Category

To add a content page to a Category:

  1. Select General in the left panel on the edit screen for the content page.
  2. Click inside the Categories text box. You see a list of the available Categories for the content type.

    NOTE: If a Category is not listed, the Category might not be valid for the content type you are currently editing. The valid content types are managed in the Category settings.

  3. Start typing a keyword to narrow the list.
  4. Tick the box next to each Category where you want to add the content page.

The selected Categories appear under the text box. If necessary, hit the x icon to remove a Category.

If you select multiple Categories, go to the Manage Primary and Secondary categories section.

The changes are not applied on the public website until you select Save or Save & close.

Manage Primary and Secondary categories

If you select multiple Categories, you need to set one Primary category. The remaining Categories are used as Secondary categories.

The box for the Primary category is marked blue, and the Secondary categories are marked gray. Click any Category box to mark it as the Primary category.

Remember to hit Save or Save & close to confirm and apply your preferences.

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