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Enable the Multimedia archive layout


What's inside this article:

Basic information

Multimedia archive is the default Category layout for TV and Radio Categories. When the Multimedia archive layout is enabled, a header with clickable tabs is displayed on the Category page and on content pages from the Category. This helps visitors engage with the content and move from page to page without getting lost.

This article explains how to enable the Multimedia archive layout for a TV or Radio Category.


The header for each Category might include some or all of the following tabs:

  • (A): Home: Displays a custom Landing that you can build in Pangea CMS.
  • (B): Episodes: Displays all video / audio content from the Category.
  • (C): Articles: Displays all content from the Category that is not video / audio.
  • (D): About: Displays a short description of the Category.

Example Categories are available via the links below:

Create a TV / Radio Category

This article assumes that the Edit Category (Zone) screen (shown below) is already open.

Under Program Pages, choose your preferred option:

  • Radio: Create a Radio Category.
  • TV: Create a TV Category.

To learn how to create a TV / Radio Category from the beginning, see the alternative article below:

Enable a Category page

Tick the box next to Enable category (zone) archive page to enable a Category page for the current Category.

This action:

  • Enables a Category page that uses the Multimedia archive layout.
  • Applies the Multimedia archive layout on content pages from the Category.

Select tabs

You can control which tabs are included in the Category header. For information about the purpose of each tab, review the sections below:


The Home tab displays a custom Landing that you can create in Pangea CMS.

To enable the Home tab, go to Landing Selection and select the Landing you want to display. One Landing can be connected to one Category. For this reason, you cannot select a Landing that is already connected to a different Category.


For TV Categories, the Episodes tab displays all video content from the Category. For Radio Categories, this tab displays audio content.

To enable the Episodes tab, tick the relevant box:

  • Video tab enabled (TV Categories)
  • Audio tab enabled (Radio Categories)


For TV Categories, the Articles tab displays all non-video content from the Category. For Radio Categories, this tab displays all non-audio content.

To enable the Articles tab, tick Content tab enabled.


The About tab displays basic information about the Category. This tab is always enabled and cannot be manually disabled.

Enter content for the About tab in the Program Page Content box.

Position tabs

You can specify which tab is positioned first. This tab is open by default when a visitor lands on the Category page.

The following rules apply:

  • If the Home tab is enabled, the Home tab is always first.
  • If the Home tab is not enabled, either the Episodes or Articles tab can be first.
  • The About tab is always last and cannot be moved.

The yellow alert icon marks which tab is currently first. The following rules apply:

  • If the yellow alert icon is next to Video / Audio tab enabled, the Episodes tab is currently first.
  • If the yellow alert icon is next to Content Tab Enabled, the Articles tab is currently first.

To set a tab as the first tab, click the gray alert icon so it turns yellow.

If the Home tab is enabled, the yellow alert icon marks the second tab.

Other customization options

The following customization options are also available:

Set the calendar

The Episodes and Articles tabs on the Category page include a calendar. When a visitor picks a specific date, only content published on this date is listed on the page.

Under Data archive are present since, set the earliest date that is pickable in the calendar. We suggest selecting the date when the oldest content page from the Category was published.

Include child Categories

Tick the box next to Include all sub-zones on this archive page if you want to include content from child Categories on the Category page. This option is only available for Categories that have at least one child Category.

Save your changes

When you are satisfied, hit Save to save changes to the Category.

If you leave the Edit Category (Zone) screen without hitting Save, all changes will be lost and you will not be notified.

Localize tabs

You might need to localize the text on the tabs to the local language for your site. Use the following configuration keys:

  • Home: Responsive.ZoneArchive.Menu.Home
  • Episodes: Responsive.Program.Menu.Eposides.Text
  • Articles: Responsive.Program.Menu.Articles.Text
  • About: Responsive.Program.Menu.About.Text

The text applies for all TV / Radio Categories on your site.

For detailed information about using the Site Localization tool in Pangea CMS, see the following article:

Build a Landing

Each TV / Radio Category might have one connected Landing. The Landing is displayed under the Home tab in the Category header (on the Category page and on content pages from the Category). Landing functionality is intended primarily to promote podcasts, Video shows, and Broadcast programs.

Each Landing is custom built from widgets. To build a new Landing from Pangea CMS, go to Build > Landings in the primary navigation.

For more information, see the following articles:

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