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Managing TV and Radio category settings


What's inside this article:

About TV and Radio categories

Detailed information about the different Category types is available in the following article:

Start editing a TV / Radio category

This article assumes that the Edit Category (Zone) screen (shown below) for the TV / Radio category you want to edit is already open.

Open the Edit Category (Zone) screen by creating a new Category or editing an existing Category. For instructions, see the following article:

Set the Category type

Select your preferred option under Program Pages:

  • TV: Create a TV category for promoting video content.
  • Radio: Create a Radio category for promoting audio content.

As soon as you select TV or Radio, the Program Setting box appears. This box contains special settings that are valid only for TV / Radio categories.

See the sections in this article for information about the available options in the Program Setting box.

Create a Multimedia archive

A Multimedia archive is a single page on the public website that lets visitors browse all content from the same TV / Radio category.

A Multimedia archive is enabled by default for all TV / Radio categories. If you do not want to create a Multimedia archive for the current Category, untick the box next to Enable category (zone) archive page.

All the necessary settings for configuring a Multimedia archive are available in the Program Setting box. For detailed information, see the following article:

Enable podcast distribution

Podcasts in Pangea CMS are managed via Categories. Each podcast is linked to its own Category where the podcast episodes are stored.

To use the current Category for podcast distribution, tick the box next to Podcast Enabled.

For detailed information about configuring a Category for podcast distribution, see the following article:

Manage program settings

A Category might be used to distribute a specific Broadcast program (audio) or Video show (video). In this case, all episodes from the program / show are automatically added to the Category.

NOTE: You can schedule a new Broadcast program / Video show and assign the program / show to a Category via Scheduler & template week. For detailed information, see the following article:

The following settings are useful when the Category is linked to a specific Broadcast program / Video show:

Enable Program Index Page

Your website might include a special Program Index Page that lets visitors browse all programs / shows produced by your website. The Program Index Page is also visible in the mobile app.

To include a Category on the Program Index Page, tick the box next to Enable Program Index Page.

Program description

Under Program description, enter a brief description of the program / show that is displayed on the Program Index Page. The description might also be visible in the following places:

  • On the RSS/Podcasts page if the Category is available as an RSS feed / podcast.
  • Via third-party platforms (such as Apple Podcasts) if the Category is used to distribute a podcast.

Program Image

Under Program Image, select an image this is used to promote the program / show on the Program Index Page.

Square Image

Under Square Image, select an image that might be used to promote the program / show in the mobile / smart TV app.

Manage other settings

For detailed information about other options on the Edit Category (Zone) screen, see the following article:

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