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Introducing You Might Also Like (YMAL)

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Basic information

You Might Also Like (YMAL) is a segment that might be displayed on content pages. Regardless of which device is used to access your site, a YMAL is displayed below the main content on the page. The purpose of a YMAL is to promote other content that might be of interest and keep visitors on your site longer.

Build a YMAL

You can build a new YMAL or edit an existing YMAL from Pangea CMS.

Go to Build > You Might Also Like in the primary navigation.

Hit + Add new to build a new YMAL, or select the name of an existing YMAL to start editing it.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Choose widgets

You can add content to a YMAL using widgets. To learn about widgets, see the following article:

The content in each YMAL should be tailored to the audience for the connected Category. The following widget types are commonly included in a YMAL:

  • Content widget: Can be configured to promote the latest content pages from the connected Category.
  • Trends widget: Can be configured to list the current "trending" content pages from the connected Category.

To learn more about the listed widgets, see the following articles:

TIP: We suggest limiting the amount of content in each YMAL. It is important to consider that on mobile, the YMAL is displayed as one long list below the main content (each item occupies one row). A very long YMAL can create an overwhelming experience for mobile users.

Connect a YMAL to Categories

One YMAL might have multiple connected Categories. The YMAL is displayed on content pages from each connected Category.

Two methods are available for connecting a YMAL to a Category:

For general information about Categories in Pangea CMS, see the following article:

Display on content pages

A YMAL can be displayed on any type of content page (including text, multimedia, and interactive content).

NOTE: A YMAL will not be displayed on a content page if the Latest news Category layout is applied.

To display a YMAL on a particular content page:

  1. Find the content page on the main Search screen in Pangea CMS. For information about running a content search, see the following article:
  2. Select the content page.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Under Categories, select one of the connected Categories for the YMAL.
  5. Mark the connected Category for the YMAL as the Primary Category (click the Category so it turns blue).
  6. Select Publish or Publish & close to publish the change.

The YMAL is now displayed on the content page (as long as the YMAL has the Published status).