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Creating a Multimedia widget


What's inside this article:

Basic information

The Multimedia widget is designed for sharing the following multimedia content items across the website:

The player is available directly on the widget, so visitors can play the content without opening a new page. You can include a Multimedia widget on the following website items:

Open the edit screen

This article assumes that the edit screen for the Multimedia widget (shown below) is already open. For basic information about creating a new widget, see the following article:

Customize the widget layout

In the Layout section, a graphic is included that shows how a Multimedia widget is rendered on devices with different screen sizes (mobile, tablet, and desktop).

The following elements are configurable:

Display Category/Date/Label

By default, a Multimedia widget includes the media player and the title for the content item.

To use the default layout, ensure None is selected under Display Category/Date/Label.

You can also display an additional element on the widget. Add any of the following elements:

  • Category: The name of the Primary Category for the content item that opens the Category archive page when clicked.
  • Label: A non-clickable custom label that needs to be added in the Website teaser settings for the content item.
  • Exact time: The exact time when the content item was published.
  • Relative time: How long ago the content item was published (for example, 20 minutes ago).

See some examples of the different configurations below:

Display introduction

Tick the box next to Display introduction to enable the option to display an introduction for the content item.

The introduction is generated as follows:

  1. The Introduction field in the item's Website teaser settings.
  2. The Introduction field in the item's General settings.

If neither of the above fields are filled, an introduction is not displayed with the item.

See an example of a Multimedia widget that includes an introduction below:

Mobile app Top story

We have introduced a new method for configuring the mobile app homepage. For detailed information about the new solution, see the following article:

The Mobile app Top story setting does not send the Multimedia widget to the new version of the mobile app homepage. However, this setting still works and remains available in Pangea CMS for mobile app users who have not yet updated to the latest app version.

When you are satisfied with the widget layout, hit Next to set the widget content.

Set the widget content

A Multimedia widget can promote one item at a time. In the Content section, specify how the promoted item will be selected. Choose from the following modes:

  • Auto: The widget will promote the latest multimedia item that meets the criteria you define in the widget settings. For example, configure the widget to always promote the latest video from a particular Category. The widget content will update automatically when a new item is published that meets the defined criteria.
  • Manual: The widget will promote the multimedia item that you manually select. The content will not change unless the widget is manually updated.

For information about using your chosen mode, see the relevant article below:

After setting the widget content, hit Next to configure the widget settings.

Configure the widget settings

In the Settings section, the following options are available:

  • Add a Header that is displayed above the widget.
  • Adjust the default Widget name that is used to identify the widget in Pangea CMS (not visible on the public site).
  • Add a Footer link that is displayed below the widget.

For detailed information about the widget settings, see the following article:

After configuring the widget settings, hit Next to preview the widget.

Preview the widget

In the Preview section, check how the widget will look when it is published on the site. Select Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile to preview the page on different devices.

When you are satisfied, set the status and save the widget.

Set the status and save the widget

Before saving the widget, choose your preferred option in the Status drop-down menu:

  • Enabled: The widget will be visible on the public site after you save it (provided it is included on a website item with the Public status).
  • Disabled: The widget will not be visible on the public site after you save it.

Hit Save or Save & close to save the widget.

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