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Creating a Video page


What's inside this article:

Upload a video file

This article explains how to create the Video page for a video file that has already been uploaded to Pangea CMS.

For detailed information about uploading video files, see the following article:

To start editing a Video page, hit the Video title on the main Search screen. For information about using Search in Pangea CMS, see the following article:

Configure the video player

In the Video section, configure how the player will look on the published Video page.

The following options are available:

Choose the thumbnail

The thumbnail is the image that is visible in the player before the video is played. This applies on the Video page and also if the video is promoted on a Multimedia widget.

Under Thumbnail, optionally enter a timepoint from the video file that you want to apply as the thumbnail. Use the Preview to locate an appropriate timepoint by playing and pausing the video.

Alternatively, tick the box next to Use Website Teaser Image as thumbnail to apply the horizontal Website teaser image as the thumbnail.

When you enable this option:

  • If a Horizontal image is added in the Website teaser settings, this image is applied as the thumbnail. For detailed information, see the following article:
  • The Horizontal image is not visible in the Preview on the Video edit screen, but it will be applied on the public site.

Apply a watermark

You can burn the watermark for your entity or brand into the video file.

Select the watermark you want to apply under Apply watermark.

NOTE: After you save the change, it is not possible to remove or replace the watermark. If you try to add a new watermark, it will be applied over the top of the existing watermark.

Provide a download link

Tick the box next to Show download link if you want to provide a download link on the published Video page.

This allows website visitors to download the video.

Trim the video

The Trim tool lets you cut unnecessary content from the start and / or end of the video file. When you trim a video file, Pangea CMS creates a new (trimmed) version of the video with a separate edit screen. The new edit screen opens automatically in a new tab. The following conditions apply:

  • The title matches the original with [TRIMMED] - added at the start.
  • The new (trimmed) video is always created in the Draft status.
  • All other saved settings from the original video are transfered to the new (trimmed) video.

The edit screen for the original version of the video remains open. The video is not removed from Pangea CMS or changed in any way.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you save all changes on the Video edit screen before trimming. Unsaved settings will not be transfered to the new (trimmed) video.

To trim a video:

  1. Use the Preview to identify the required start time and / or end time for the new trimmed video:
    • New start time: All preceding content will be cut in the trimmed video.
    • New end time: All following content will be cut in the trimmed video.
  2. Hit Trim.
  3. Enter the new Start time and End time, then select + Save as new.

The Edit video screen for the new (trimmed) video opens in a new tab.

Complete the General settings

To manage the General settings, hit General in the left panel.

The following settings are required:

  • (A): Title: Enter the title that is displayed at the top of the Video page. The title is also visible as the clickable headline on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • (B): Categories: Add the Video page to at least one Category. More information here:

Optionally complete the following additional settings:


Provide a brief introductory text that describes the video. To display the introduction on the Video page, tick Display introduction.

Even if Display introduction is not ticked, the introduction is visible in the search results on the public site and in the page metadata.

If no Website teaser introduction is provided, the introduction might also be visible:

  • (A): When the video is promoted via widgets on the public site.
  • (B): On Category archive pages that use the List with thumbnails layout
  • (C): When the video is listed on SERPs (Search Engine Results pages)

URL Slug

Enter a text string that is added to the URL and enhances visibility via search engines.


Provide text content that is visible below the player on the Video page. Basic text formatting is available (Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Underline). You can also add headings and links to other pages.

Set the status and save the Video page

If you want the Video page to be available on the public site immediately after you save it, select Published in the Status drop-down menu. Information about statuses in Pangea CMS is available here:

To save changes to the Video page, hit Save or Save & close.

Alternatively, you can schedule publication. For detailed information, see the following article:

Set up multimedia distribution

After saving and publishing the video, you can share it via one or more social media accounts. Go to Multimedia distribution in the left panel.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Further recommendations

This article contains information about the most important settings for creating a Video page. For information about other options on the Video edit screen, see the following articles:

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