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Basic information

The Video content type in Pangea CMS has various purposes. For details, review the sections below:

Videos as content pages

When a video is saved with the Published status:

  • A standalone content page is created for the video.
  • The video page is indexed by search engines and might appear on search engine results pages.

A video page can be shared and promoted like any other content page. For example, your site might promote a video page on a Content widget.

NOTE: A standalone content page is created for every video that is saved in Pangea CMS with the Published status. A standalone content page is not created for videos that are saved with the Stealth published status.

Videos as embeds

The video player for a published video can be directly embedded into the body of a text content page (such as an article). This lets visitors start watching the video without leaving the article page.

Using the inline embed functionality in Pangea CMS, you can directly embed any video that was published by your site. This option is available for videos that are saved with either the Published or Stealth published status.

NOTE: Stealth publication lets you create a video for sharing only as an embed. For detailed information, see our dedicated guide.

Create a video

Two methods are available for creating a new video in Pangea CMS:

Manually upload a video file

You can manually upload a video file to Pangea CMS.

Go to Create > Multimedia > Video to upload a new video file.

For detailed information about the upload process, see the following article:

Record a Video show

Via the Scheduler & Template week tool in Pangea CMS, you can request that any scheduled Video show is recorded. After the Video show finishes, the recording will be saved and available in Pangea CMS (the content type is Video). The video might be saved with the Published, Draft, or Edited status (this depends on the setup in the Video show settings).

To learn how to schedule and record a Video show, see the following article:

Start editing a video

You can start editing any video from the main Search screen in Pangea CMS. Hit the video title to open the video settings.

For information about running a content search in Pangea CMS, see the following article:

The content type for a video is always Video. This applies for both manually uploaded video files and recorded Video shows.

Define the video thumbnail

The thumbnail is displayed in the video player before the video is played.

To learn how to define the video thumbnail, see the following article:

Create the main title and URL slug

Via General > Title, create the main title for the video.

We also suggest creating a URL slug. The URL slug will be included in the URL for the video page. Creating a URL slug for a content page improves usability and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Create a URL slug via General > URL slug. For detailed information, see the following article:

NOTE: If you plan to save the video with the Stealth published status, it is not necessary to create a URL slug.

Select Categories

You cannot save the video until it is added to at least one Category. Categories in Pangea CMS organize the content on your site by topic. For example, your site might have a "Politics" Category for all content relating to politics.

Go to General > Categories to add the video to one or more Categories.

If you select multiple Categories, select one Primary Category. Click your chosen Primary Category so it is marked blue.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Create an introduction

If the video will be published with a standalone content page, we suggest creating an introduction. The introduction tells visitors what to expect from the content and might be displayed on a number of public pages (including on the video page). A content page with an effective introduction looks more attractive when it is shared and previewed.

Add the introduction via General > Introduction. To display the introduction on the video page, tick Display introduction.

NOTE: The Display introduction setting controls if the introduction is displayed on the video page. Even if this option is unticked, the introduction might still be displayed on other public pages.

The Introduction field only supports plain text. To include links to other pages, you can instead enter content via General > Content.

Manage other settings

The following settings are available in the left panel and might also be helpful:

  • Multimedia distribution: Send the video to social media accounts.
  • Website teaser: Customize the website teaser for the video.
  • Social media: Customize the social media teaser for the video.
  • Authors: Add one or more authors to the video.
  • Tags: Add Tags to organize content internally.

Save and publish content

For detailed information about saving and publishing content pages in Pangea CMS, see the following article:

The special Stealth published publication status is available for videos. For details, see the following article: