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On-demand video distribution


What's inside this article:

Basic information

Pangea CMS lets you send videos to the following social media platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Dailymotion

After the request is processed, the video is automatically uploaded and published via the selected account(s).

This article describes on-demand video distribution. CMS also offers automated and manual streaming to social media. To learn about streaming, see the alternative articles below:

Enable distribution and add accounts

On-demand video distribution is only available if this feature is enabled for your site. When this feature is enabled, the Multimedia distribution section is available in the settings for each individual video. To enable this feature, contact Pangea Customer Care.

Before you can send a video to a social media account, the account needs to be connected to CMS. The current connected accounts are visible under Multimedia distribution. To add a new account, contact Pangea Customer Care.

NOTE: For YouTube accounts, the Distribute content as private option can be enabled on request. When this option is enabled, videos sent from CMS are not automatically published via the YouTube account. They are instead uploaded to YouTube Studio, which allows editors to adjust the settings before publication.

Upload a video

This article explains how to share videos that have already been uploaded to CMS. To learn how to upload a new video file, see the following article:

If the video file has already been uploaded, find it on the main Search screen in CMS. To open the video edit screen, hit the title. For information about using search, see the following article:

Add the video metadata

The following metadata that is shared with the video needs to be configured on the video edit screen in CMS:


The title is defined as follows (if 1 is not filled, the text is taken from 2, and so on):

  1. The Title field in the video's Social media settings
  2. The Title field in the video's Website teaser settings
  3. The Title field in the video's General settings
IMPORTANT: For distribution to YouTube, the title should be 100 characters or less. Otherwise, distribution will fail.

Video description

The description is defined as follows (if 1 is not filled, the text is taken from 2, and so on):

  1. The Introduction field in the video's Social media settings
  2. The Introduction field in the video's Website teaser settings
  3. The Introduction field in the video's General settings
  4. The first characters from the video's Content

If none of the above fields are filled, the video is shared without a description.

Request distribution

NOTE: If desired, you can request distribution before a video file is uploaded, processed, and published. However, the social media platform will not start processing the request until after the video is published.

To send a video to a social media account:

  1. Hit Multimedia distribution in the left panel on the video edit screen.
  2. Tick each account where you want to share the video. You can tick an unlimited number of accounts.
  3. Hit Save to confirm.

You see the status Waiting to be processed by the distribution partner next to each request.

Go to Check distribution progress for more details.

Check distribution progress

An icon showing the status of each request is visible under Status. Hover over the icon to see the exact status.

Normally, you see the following statuses in order:

  1. Waiting to be processed by the distribution partner: CMS has sent the request to the social media platform.
  2. Processing item: The social media platform is processing the request.
  3. Distributed to partner: The video is available via the social media platform.

This process normally completes within 2-3 minutes (maximally 4-5 minutes). The status will refresh automatically without the need to close or manually refresh the page.

In some cases, you might see the other statuses below:

  • Waiting for file: CMS is still uploading and processing the video file.
  • Distribution failed: The social media platform failed to process the request. For details, go to Troubleshooting.

Manage a distributed video

The status Distributed to partner signals that a video has been successfully shared.

Hover over the panel to access the following options:

  • (A): Delete media from third party: Remove the video from the social media account.
  • (B): Update metadata: Update the metadata for the shared video to match the current metadata defined in CMS.
  • (C): Add to a Playlist (YouTube only): Add the video to a particular YouTube playlist.

Manage notifications

NOTE: This section describes functionality that won't be available until after the release of CMS 8.26 on September 12th 2023. For detailed information about the 8.26 release, see the following article:

By default, CMS notifies you about the status of multimedia distribution requests. You receive a notification when:

  • A video is successfully distributed.
  • Distribution of a video fails.

You might receive a notification message in CMS and / or an email notification.

Optionally disable these notifications or customize how you are notified in your user account. For detailed information, see the following article:


In rare cases, you see the Distribution failed status.

This might be caused by the following issues:

Title length (YouTube only)

Distribution to YouTube will fail if the title shared with the video is more than 100 characters. If the title is currently longer than 100 characters, and you see the Distribution failed status, follow these steps:

  1. Provide a title that is 100 characters or less.
  2. Go to Multimedia distribution. Hover over the failed request and select the Retry icon.

If the issue was caused by the length of the title, the new request should be successful. Otherwise, go to Distribution account issues.

Distribution account issues

Failed distribution is normally caused by changes to the social media account, such as:

  • The password for the account has been changed.
  • Access rights for the account have been changed.
  • The token that CMS uses to access the account is broken or expired.
  • The platform has blocked access because of security concerns.

If you experience failed distribution:

  • As an immediate solution, you can manually upload and publish the video via the social media account.
  • Contact Pangea Customer Care so we can identify and resolve the issue.

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