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On-demand video distribution

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About video distribution

After a Video is uploaded to Pangea CMS and published on the public website, it can also be distributed to one or more third-party distribution accounts.

This option is available for the following multimedia distribution platforms:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
NOTE: Before you can distribute a video to a third-party distribution account, the account must be connected to Pangea CMS. To add a new account for any of the distribution platforms listed above, contact us.

Distribute a video

NOTE: You cannot distribute a video unless its status in Pangea CMS is Published. Distribution will not work if the status is Draft or Edited.

To distribute a video:

  1. Click Multimedia distribution in the left panel on the video edit screen.
  2. Tick the box next to each account where you want to distribute the video. You can select one or multiple accounts.
  3. Click Save or Save & close to confirm and apply your preferences.
NOTE: Before distributing a video to YouTube, we recommend reviewing the YouTube Terms of Service.

The request is now submitted to the distribution partner. The request status is visible under Status. Hover the cursor over the icon for more details. In most cases, the following statuses appear in order:

  1. Waiting to be processed by the distribution partner
  2. Processing item
  3. Distributed to partner

In some cases, you may see the other statuses listed below:

  • Waiting for file: Pangea CMS has not finished uploading and processing the video file. The distribution request will be submitted automatically as soon as the upload is complete.
  • Distribution failed: Pangea CMS was unable to submit the request to the distribution partner. For more details, see Troubleshooting.

Once a video is distributed to the selected account, the following additional options are available:

  • Add to a Playlist (YouTube only): Add the video to a particular YouTube playlist.
  • Delete media from third party: Remove the video from the distribution account.
  • Update Metadata: Update the shared video to match the current video settings in Pangea CMS. For example, if you change the video title in Pangea CMS, you can use this option to ensure that the shared video also displays the updated title.

The title and description for the video in the third-party distribution account are generated according to the video settings in Pangea CMS. The data is taken as follows (if 1 is not filled, the text is taken from 2, then 3, and so on):

  1. The Title / Introduction fields in the Social media settings.
  2. The Title / Introduction fields in the Website teaser settings.
  3. The Title / Introduction fields in the General settings.
  4. The first characters from the Content field are used as the description if no other Introduction is available.


In rare cases, you see the Distribution failed status after submitting a request to a distribution partner. This means that Pangea CMS was unable to submit the request to the distribution partner. We recommend the following:

  • For distribution to YouTube accounts, check the length of the video title. Distribution will fail if the title is longer than 70 characters (including spaces).
  • Hover the cursor over the relevant panel and click Retry to submit the request again.
  • If the request continues to fail, contact us so we can investigate the issue.

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