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Creating an Audio Feature

An Audio Feature is a clip featuring a section of an audio broadcast. After you create an Audio Feature, you can attach it to an article or a Content widget.

This article explains how to create an Audio Feature for a broadcast via Scheduler & Template week.

NOTE: For general information about Scheduler & Template week, refer to the following article:

What's inside this article:

Create a new Audio Feature

IMPORTANT: You need to schedule the recording of an Audio Feature at least 10 minutes before the broadcast starts.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Scheduler > Scheduler & Template Week in the top menu.
  2. Select Scheduler in the left panel.
  3. Ensure the correct audio tube is selected in the Tubes drop-down menu.
  4. Click the box for an individual broadcast and select Edit.
  5. Scroll to the Feature section and click + Add feature.
  6. The Feature details dialog appears. Complete the settings below:
    • Title: Provide a title for the Audio Feature.
    • Description: Optionally provide a description of the Audio Feature.
    • Categories: The category for the original broadcast is selected by default. If necessary, select a different category.
    • Hide Download Links: Tick the box if you do not want to provide a download link with the Audio Feature on the public website.
    • Record: Tick the box to record the Audio Feature. It is not possible to play the Audio Feature on the public website if you do not tick this option.
    • Start: Define the timepoint when Pangea CMS starts recording the Audio Feature (format: HH:MM:SS).
    • End: Define the timepoint when Pangea CMS stops recording the Audio Feature (format: HH:MM:SS).
    • Status: Select the status that is assigned to the Audio Feature in Pangea CMS.
    • Share on Direct: Specify if the Audio Feature will be available via USAGM Direct.
  7. Click Save feature.
  8. Click Save on the Edit broadcast program screen to schedule recording of the feature. The feature will not be recorded unless you perform this step.

The Audio Feature is immediately available in Pangea CMS. However, it is not playable on the public website until after the broadcast finishes and the Record Status for the Audio Feature is Imported. You can check the Record Status on the Edit Broadcast program screen.

You can use the Pangea CMS Search tool to find the Audio Feature. In the Content type section, select Audio Feature under Multimedia.

Attach an Audio Feature

You cannot attach an Audio Feature unless the following conditions are met:

  • The Audio Feature must have the status Published.
  • The Record Status of the Audio Feature must be Imported (otherwise it is not playable on the public website).

Refer to the relevant section below:

Attach to an article

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new article or open the edit screen for an existing article. For detailed instructions, refer to the following article:
  2. From the Editor screen, click inside the main content text box, and select the Insert Embed Content icon in the CKEditor bar.
  3. Ensure the Single item tab is selected, then click Content in the left panel.
  4. To search for an Audio Feature, tick the Audio Feature box under Content type, then click Search.
  5. Click + Attach (the plus icon) next to the Audio Feature you want to attach.
  6. Select your preferred option below:
    • Add as embedded content: Embed the Audio Feature directly in the article.
    • Add as See Also link: Embed a link to the Audio Feature in the article. If you select this option, you are prompted to configure the layout for the link.
  7. Click + Attach.

The Audio Feature is now embedded in the article.

Attach to a Content widget

You can configure a Content widget to display the Audio Feature.

For detailed information about managing Content widget settings, refer to the following article:

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