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Recording an audio feature


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Basic information

An audio feature is a short clip recorded from a broadcast program. For example, an audio feature might include the opening 2 minutes of the program. You can use an audio feature to promote a broadcast program across the site.

This article explains how to record an audio feature from a broadcast program.

NOTE: You can only record an audio feature from a broadcast program (audio). It is not currently possible to record a feature from a video show.

Open the program settings

To open the settings for a broadcast program:

  1. Go to Scheduler > Scheduler & Template week.
  2. Ensure the correct audio tube is selected under Tubes.
  3. Choose your preferred view:
    • Scheduler: Record one audio feature for an individual episode / one-off broadcast.
    • Template week: Record the same audio feature for every episode of a regular program.
  4. Click the block for the broadcast program and select Edit.

The settings for the broadcast program open.

Set up recording

IMPORTANT: To ensure that the audio feature is successfully recorded, it's important to set up recording at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time for the broadcast program.

To set up recording of an audio feature:

  1. Scroll to the Feature section and click the + Add feature button.
  2. Complete the settings for the audio feature. It is essential to tick Record. Otherwise, the audio feature will not play on the public site.
  3. Select Save feature.
  4. The audio feature will not be recorded unless you also hit Save in the bottom-right corner.

Find a recorded audio feature

After the broadcast program is over, the audio feature is saved and available in CMS as an audio feature. You can find it using search. For details, see the following article:

The audio feature might be saved with the Published, Draft, or Edited status. This depends which option you selected during setup.

Share an audio feature

Many options are available for sharing audio features on the public site. Try the following:

  • Share the audio feature on a Multimedia widget.
  • Directly embed the audio feature into the body of a text-based content page (such as an article).

Check which programs have an audio feature

Via Scheduler, you can distinguish which broadcast programs have audio features. Under Filter, select Has Feature(s). When this option is selected, programs that have an audio feature are marked light blue.

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