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Getting started with Scheduler & Template week


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What is Scheduler & Template week?

Scheduler & Template week is a tool in CMS that lets you manage the schedule for automated streaming on your site. This process works basically as follows:

  • Your service schedules shows in advance via Scheduler & Template week.
  • During the time period when a show is scheduled, the current content from the connected source is streamed to your site.
  • Each show starts and ends automatically, according to the start and end time set in Scheduler & Template week.
IMPORTANT: You cannot use Scheduler & Template week unless at least one tube is configured for your site.

The schedule that you build via Scheduler & Template week is accessible for visitors on the public site. Visitors can immediately tune-in to to a live show or learn about upcoming shows.

When should Scheduler & Template week be used?

Scheduler & Template week is used by services that produce regular live content (video and / or audio). It is intended for scheduling shows that stream a new unique episode at the same time each week. The main advantage is that you don't need to schedule every episode individually. Once a show is created, the schedule will be updated and episodes will stream automatically as scheduled.

The following limitations apply when you use Scheduler & Template week:

  • Each show has a strict start and end time.
  • You cannot change the end time during the show.
  • We don't recommend changing the settings for a show less than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

If you want to start a one-off stream at short notice, we recommend using the Manual live stream tool instead. For details, see the following article:

Access Scheduler & Template week

To get started, go to Scheduler > Scheduler & Template week.

When you use Scheduler & Template week, you can switch between the "Scheduler" and "Template week" views.

Find details about the purpose of each view in the sections below:

Use Scheduler

Scheduler lets you update the broadcast schedule as it appears on the public site. Via Scheduler, each block represents an individual episode or one-off broadcast. Scheduler matches the schedule on the public site. Any updates made via Scheduler are immediately visible on the site.

You can see what is currently scheduled on each specific date. For example, check which shows are scheduled to stream on November 6th 2023. You can change which dates are visible in the schedule using the calendar in the left panel.

Via Scheduler, you might perform the following actions:

  • Add unique metadata for an individual episode / broadcast.
  • Request that an individual episode / broadcast is streamed to social media.
  • Schedule a new one-off broadcast.
NOTE: When you update an individual episode via Scheduler, the changes will not apply for other episodes of the same show.

Scheduler is automatically updated with the latest data from Template week on a regular basis. For details, see the following article:

Use Template week

Template week lets you manage the generic schedule (or template) for live broadcasting. Via Template week, each block represents a live show that streams a new unique episode at the same time each week.

The schedule is separated by days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). For example, under Monday, you see which shows stream new episodes every Monday.

Via Template week, you might perform the following actions:

  • Schedule a new regular show. The show will stream a new unique episode at the same time each week.
  • Update the generic settings for an existing show. These settings will apply by default for each new episode of the show that is added in Scheduler. If necessary, you will be able to adjust the settings for individual episodes in Scheduler.

The latest data from Template week is automatically added in Scheduler on a regular basis. You can also update Scheduler manually. For details, see the following article:

Manage tubes

Each tube creates a new schedule for streaming live video or audio content. On the public site, a tube behaves like a TV channel or a radio station where different live shows are scheduled throughout the day.

If your site has multiple tubes , select which tube you want to manage using the Tubes drop-down menu.

For detailed information about tubes, including how to request a new tube, see the following article:

Manage video shows

For detailed information about managing video shows via Scheduler & Template week, see the following article:

Manage broadcast programs (audio shows)

For detailed information about managing broadcast programs (audio shows) via Scheduler & Template week, see the following article:

Stream to social media

Once a video show appears in Scheduler, you can request that it is streamed to a maximum of one YouTube and one Facebook account. If the request is successful, the show will automatically start streaming to the selected social media accounts at the scheduled start time.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Duplicate a day

Via Template week, you can duplicate the schedule for one day and use it to overwrite the schedule for one or more other days. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the Template week view.
  2. Select (three dots) next to the day you want to duplicate.
  3. For audio tubes, optionally tick Duplicate all repeats of original programs to also duplicate the scheduled repeats.
  4. Tick the box next to each day you want to overwrite. The current schedule for each selected day will be deleted and replaced with the schedule for duplicated day.
  5. Click Confirm.

The schedule is now duplicated. The changes will not be visible in Scheduler (or on the public site) until the latest data from Template week is added in Scheduler. For details, see the following article:

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