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Content widget - Using Auto mode

NOTE: This article explains how to add items to a Content widget when Auto mode is enabled. For general information about creating a Content widget, refer to the alternative article below:

What's inside this article:

About Auto mode

With Auto mode enabled, Pangea CMS automatically populates the widget according to the criteria you define in the widget settings.

Below are examples of possible Content widget configurations using Auto mode:

  • Display the latest items from a particular Category.
  • Display the latest items from a particular content type (such as the latest videos).
  • Display the latest items that are assigned a particular Tag.

Older items on the widget are automatically replaced as new content is published, with no input required from you.

Go to Add content for more information about the available options.

Add content

To add content to the widget:

  1. Open the Widget Settings screen for an existing Content widget or create a new Content widget. For instructions, refer to the following article:
  2. Click Content in the left panel.
  3. Ensure Auto is selected.
  4. Define the criteria for content selection:
    • Max items: Set the maximum number of items that the widget will display. The maximum number you can enter is 20.
    • Publication date limit: Select a number of days. The widget won't display content that is older than the selected number of days. The maximum number you can enter is 360.
    • Exclude content: Optionally exclude a specified number of content items. For example, if you select 2, the 2 most recent valid content items will not be displayed on the widget. This is useful when the most recent content items are already promoted on a different widget. The maximum available value is 15.
    • Content type: Set the content types that the widget will display. By default, all content types are selected. Remove any content types that you don't want the widget to display.
    • Categories: Optionally select one or more Categories. The widget will only display content from the selected Categories.
    • Primary category only: Tick this box to only display content that uses a selected Category as its primary Category. This excludes content that uses the Category as its secondary Category.
    • Tags: Optionally select one or more Tags. The widget only displays content assigned to one of the selected Tags.
  5. Click Update.

You see a preview of the widget contents. However, the changes are not applied on the public website until you click Save or Save & close.

Manage content

The Widget Settings: Content shows the content items that are currently displayed on the widget. The order matches the order on the public website.

The following options are available for each listed content item:

  • (A): Pin: While this option is enabled, the item is not removed from the widget. When an item is pinned, you can change its position on the widget. The position will remain as set.
  • (B): Hide: While this option is enabled, the item is not displayed on the widget. A new item is added to the bottom of the widget to replace the hidden item on the public website (this ensures that the widget always displays the correct number of items).
  • (C): Live site: Click the globe icon to open the item on the public website.
NOTE: In most cases, you cannot change the order of the content items when Auto mode is enabled. The items must remain in the order of publication, with the most recent item at the top and the oldest item at the bottom. You can only change the position of an item if the item is pinned.

Changes are not applied on the public website until you click Save or Save & close.

Manage Website teaser settings

Website teaser settings are used to generate the default preview of a content item that is displayed via widgets. The Website teaser settings for each content item are visible on the right side of the box. Not all the listed settings will be visible on the current widget, as this varies according to the widget Layout settings.

A Website teaser setting might be marked 'Empty' (for example, Empty title). In this case, the Content widget displays the value as defined in the General settings. The General settings are visible on the left side of the box.

With Auto mode enabled, it is not possible to adjust Website teaser settings on the Widget Settings: Content screen.

NOTE: If necessary, you can manage the Website teaser settings for any content item via the content item's edit screen. For instructions, refer to the following article:

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