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Using Layout builder

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About Layout builder

Layout builder lets you customize the default layout of the following website items:

  • Sections
  • Infopages
  • Landings
  • Regions
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Each website item consists of multiple Layout blocks that run horizontally across the page width. Different blocks offer different widget configurations. For example, block (A) in the screenshot below lets you insert one widget that occupies the full page width. Block (B) lets you insert 4 smaller widgets.

Use Layout builder to add, remove, and reorder layout blocks.

Access Layout builder

To access Layout builder, hit Layout at the top of the Editor screen.

Use Layout builder

The following options are available via Layout builder:

Add a new block

Choose from the available options under Layout blocks in the left panel. Drag and drop a new block to your chosen position on the page.

On each block, you can check the number of widgets and the number of columns occupied by each widget.

The following groups of layout blocks are available:

Reorder blocks

Drag and drop an existing layout block to your chosen position on the page.

Delete a block

Hit the Trash icon on the relevant layout block. You cannot delete a layout block that includes widgets. First, delete the widgets.

Preview the layout

You can check how the layout will look on devices with different screen sizes. Choose from the following options under Breakpoint preview:

  • L = Check the layout on desktop.
  • M = Check the layout on tablet.
  • S = Check the layout on mobile.

Number of columns

Layout builder offers 3-column and 4-column layout blocks.

The following website items in Pangea CMS use a 4-column layout by default:

  • Sections
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The following website items in Pangea CMS use a 3-column layout by default:

  • Infopages
  • Landings

However, you can apply a 3-column or 4-column layout for any website item, according to your preferences.

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