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Creating Sections and Infopages


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Basic information

Each Section / Infopage on the public site is a separate page with its own URL. The steps for creating, editing, and publishing Sections and Infopages in Pangea CMS are very similar. However, these page types serve different purposes:


A Section typically lets visitors browse the latest news on a particular topic. The content on a Section is updated regularly. Your site's homepage is an example of a Section.


An Infopage typically lets visitors find information about your service. The content on an Infopage is updated only occassionally. Your site's About and Contact us pages are examples of Infopages.

Start editing

Review every available Section / Infopage that is created for your site via Sections in the top menu. Select Sections or Infopages, depending which page type you want to manage.

Select + Add new to create a new page. Alternatively, hit the title for an existing item to start editing it.

Add widgets

Widgets are the visual elements that are used to create Sections / Infopages. You can add any of the following widgets:

To create a new widget, locate your chosen widget type under Widgets in the left panel. Then, drag and drop the box to your preferred position on the page.

You can also add an existing widget from the Widget library. For detailed information about using library widgets, see the following article:

Use Layout builder

Layout blocks run horizontally across the page. Each block includes one or more slots for inserting widgets. In the screenshot below, a 4-column layout block with 2 widget slots is highlighted.

The following default layout blocks are applied on new pages:

  • Section: A selection of 4-column layout blocks.
  • Infopage: A selection of 3-column layout blocks.

A new Section page also includes 2 layout blocks for inserting special Content widgets (shown below). For detailed information about special Content widgets, see the following article:

You can swap the default layout blocks via Layout builder. To access Layout builder, select Layout at the top of the page. For detailed information, see the following article:

Preview on different devices

Use the options under Breakpoint preview to check how the page will look on devices with different screen sizes. The following options are available:

  • L = Desktop
  • M = Tablet
  • S = Mobile

Add Sub Navigation

A Sub Navigation is a collection of links that can be added at the top of any Section / Infopage. The purpose of a Sub Navigation is to let visitors quickly navigate to important pages. The available links in a Sub Navigation should be changed only rarely.

For detailed information about creating and managing Sub Navigations, see the following article:

Manage versions

You can manage the cloned versions of a Section / Infopage under Versions in the left panel.

Creating a clone lets you edit the page privately without impacting the published version. For detailed information, see the following article:

Manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you create a new Section / Infopage, it is important to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For detailed information about the settings that are important for SEO, see the following article:

Publish the page

Before publishing a Section / Infopage, you need to complete the required settings:

  1. Hit Settings in the top-right corner.
  2. Update the Localize title (can be in any language).
  3. Tick the box next to Localize title if you want the title to be visible on the public site (otherwise it is visible only in Pangea CMS).
  4. Update the English Name (must be in English). The English Name is only visible in Pangea CMS. Using English helps ensure the name is universally recognizable.
  5. Select Public under Status.
  6. Complete the META Title, META Description, and META Keywords fields. Detailed information is available here:
  7. Hit Save Settings to confirm and apply your preferences.

The page is now published.

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