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Creating a Podcast widget

What's inside this article:

Basic information

The Podcast widget is optimized for sharing and promoting podcasts. Each Podcast widget promotes one podcast.

The main advantages of this widget are as follows:

  • Start listening: Visitors can immediately start listening to the latest episode without opening a new page.
  • Keep listening: The player stays visible at the bottom of the page, so visitors can keep listening as they navigate your site and open new pages.
  • Automatic updates: The widget updates automatically, so it always promotes the latest episode from the podcast.

Effective use of Podcast widgets can increase the audience for your podcasts. For example, include a Podcast widget on your site's homepage for maximum visibility. You might also target specific audiences by including a Podcast widget on a Region or a You Might Also Like (YMAL).

Create a widget

You might include a Podcast widget on any of the following types of pages and navigational items:

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sections in the top menu and choose the type of page or item where you want to display the widget.
  2. Choose the specific page or item where you want to display the widget.
  3. Under Widgets in the left panel, locate Podcast. Drag and drop the Podcast box to your chosen area.

You can only add a Podcast widget in a single-column area. As soon as you select the Podcast box, areas where you can add the widget are highlighted in green. Areas where you cannot add the widget are highlighted in red.

NOTE: You can also create a Podcast widget in the Widget library. For detailed information, see the following article:

Choose the layout

In the Layout section, select your preferred layout (Standard or Compact).

Review the sections below for more details:


A unique layout that is tailored to showcase your podcast content. It includes the following special design elements:

  • (A): A square image with rounded edges and a light shadow. Follows industry standards for promoting podcast content.
  • (B): The Lastest episode label. Communicates to visitors that the widget is updated regularly, and encourages engagement with your content.
  • (C): The Subscribe button. Opens a list of third-party platforms where visitors can subscribe to the podcast.
NOTE: Set the square image via Podcast image in the Category settings.


A compact layout that occupies less space on the page and is designed to fit neatly alongside other widgets. It includes the following elements:

  • (A): A horizontal image.
  • (B): The name of the podcast.
  • (C): The name of the latest episode.
NOTE: Set the horizontal image via Program image in the Category settings.

Choose the connected Category

In the Content section, select a Category to connect to the widget. You can select only one Category.

NOTE: The list only includes TV and Radio Categories that are already set up for podcast distribution.

The widget content will be taken from your chosen Category. For details, go to the following section in this article:

Customize the widget name

Via Settings > Widget name, optionally customize the default widget name.

This name is visible only in Pangea CMS (not on the public site). Providing a descriptive name is recommended if your site uses the Widget list tool in CMS to manage widgets.

Add a title

In the Settings section, optionally add a title that is visible above the widget. If desired, the title might function as a link to another page.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Display title under Header options.
  2. Enter the title under Title.

Select your preferred option under Header link:

  • No link: The title does not function as a link.
  • Link to Category: The title functions as a link to a Category page.
  • Link to Section: The title functions as a link to a Section page.
  • Manual link: The title functions as a link to any URL you specify.

Preview the widget

In the Preview section, check how the widget will look when it is published on the site. The preview shows the full page, which lets you check how the widget fits alongside the other widgets. Select Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile to preview the page on different devices.

Set the status and save the widget

Before saving the widget, select your preferred status using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner:

  • Enabled: The widget is visible on the public site (if it is included on a published page).
  • Disabled: The widget is not visible on the public site, but is available for editing in CMS.

Select Save or Save & close to save the widget.

Manage podcasts

A Podcast widget requires minimal maintenance. The widget automatically updates to always display the latest episode of the podcast. This means:

  • Audio podcast: If the widget is connected to a Radio Category, it always promotes the most recent audio clip from the Category.
  • Video podcast: If the widget is connected to a TV Category, it always promotes the most recent video from the Category.

For information about adding podcast episodes, see the following article:

Most other data on the widget is taken from the Category settings. This includes the following elements:

For detailed information, see the following article:

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