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site localization
site localization


Localization allows you to translate web components to your service language. Default value is English text.

Localization Page

To open Localization page go to Settings > Site Localization
Type keyword you would like to search for in field and hit Go button.
Mind the checkboxes non-translated and recently added(30days).
If marked only such values will be delivered. If you would like to display
older then month or already localized values uncheck the checkbox(es).

Searching for Keys

To search for particular localization values use the search field and type
value you are searching for. For example Responsive. All keys are grouped together so all keys related to responsive will be listed.

Editing Localization Keys

Once you find value to localize hit edit icon in actions or mouse over ? for details where this value can be found on website and what it represents.

Fill in localized value and hit Save Changes button. If you are editing already localized value there is also Remove localized value button that reset back to default English value. If you leave field empty nothing will display on web.

Reload Site

For changes to actually take effect on front end web site. You have to reload the site using Reload Site button. Once reload is done you can also click on
Details button to see detailed message about called services and success.

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