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Introducing Landings

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Basic information

Each published Landing must be connected to one TV or Radio Category. The Landing is displayed under the "Home" tab in the Category header. This applies only if the Multimedia archive layout is enabled for the Category.

Landing functionality is intended primarily to showcase podcasts, as well as regular Video shows / Broadcast programs. Creating a Landing for a TV / Radio Category has the following benefits:

  • Provide background information to help visitors engage with your content.
  • Cultivate a distinct voice / identity for a podcast, program, or show.
  • Promote popular episodes and other related content.
  • Tell visitors when to expect new episodes.
IMPORTANT: A Landing should not be shared as a standalone page. This is because Landings have no metadata, are not indexed, and do not appear on search engine results pages. A Landing is indexed as part of a Category page, and takes its metadata from the connected Category.

Build a Landing

You can build a new Landing or edit an existing Landing from Pangea CMS.

Go to Build > Landings in the primary navigation.

Hit + Add new to create a new Landing, or select the name of an existing Landing to start editing it.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Choose widgets

You can add content to a Landing using widgets. To learn about widgets, see the following article:

The content on each Landing should be tailored to the audience for the connected Category. The following widget types are commonly included on Landings:

  • Podcast widget: Share the latest episode from a podcast.
  • Multimedia widget: Share any multimedia content (audio or video).
  • Trends widget: Share a list of the current "trending" content items from the connected Category.
  • HTML widget: Display custom text and links. Also display embedded external media, such as YouTube videos and playlists.

To learn more about the listed widgets, see the following articles:

Connect a Landing to a Category

Each published Landing must be connected to one TV or Radio Category. One Landing cannot be connected to more than one Category. This is because the content on each Landing should be tailored for one Category.

Two methods are available for connecting a Landing to a Category: