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What's inside this article:

Basic information

This article explains how to build a new Region from Pangea CMS.

For general information about Regions, including recommendations and best practice, see the alternative article below:

Build a new Region

To build a new Region:

  1. Go to Build > Regions in the primary navigation.
  2. Select + Add new.
  3. Provide the following details:
    • Title: The title of the Region in the local language for your site. This title is not displayed on the public site.
    • English title: The title of the Region in English. This title is not displayed on the public site. Using English makes the title understandable for CMS users who do not speak your local language.
  4. Select Add.

The new Region is created in Pangea CMS. However, it is in Draft status and is not accessible on the public site.

Manage widgets

Add content to the Region using widgets. A widget is an interactive block of content that typically showcases one or more content items. Pangea CMS lets you create a wide variety of widget types that serve different purposes. For an overview of the different widget types, see the following article:

To build and edit widgets, select Editor in the left panel.

For detailed information about managing widgets, see the following article:

Manage layout blocks

By default, a new Region includes 3 layout blocks. Each layout block can include one widget.

If you want the Region to include more than 3 widgets, you need to add more layout blocks. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Layout in the left panel.
  2. Scroll to the place where you want to add the block. Click + Add block.
  3. Select the block under 3 columns.

The block is added. Go to the Editor view to add widgets.

Add connected Categories

One Region might have multiple connected Categories. The Region will be displayed on content pages from each connected Category.

Via General > Categories, select one or more connected Categories. You cannot select a Category that already has a connected YMAL.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Preview the Region

Under Preview in the left panel, you can check how the Region will look when it is published on the public site. Select Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile to preview the Region on devices with different screen sizes.

This option is useful to preview unpublished changes while the Region still has the Draft status.

Save and publish

While the Draft status is selected, hit Save or Save & close to save your changes in Pangea CMS. The Region is not yet accessible on the public site.

When you are ready, follow the steps below to publish the new Region:

  1. Select Published in the top drop-down menu.
  2. Select Publish or Publish & close.

The Region is now published. However, it is not displayed on the public site unless it is connected to at least one Category.

The Save / Publish buttons are only active while the Region includes unsaved changes. If all changes are saved, you see the label Saved / Published and the buttons are inactive.

NOTE: Changes made via the Editor and Layout views are saved / published automatically. It is not necessary to save / publish these changes manually.