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Creating a Breaking news widget

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Basic information

You can create a Breaking news widget that appears below the site header for a set period of time. While active, the widget is visible on every page from your site.

Use this feature to share an extremely high-interest story that has just broken. The Breaking news widget is intended for occasional use only.

NOTE: The Breaking news widget is no longer sent to the mobile app.

A Breaking news widget might include the following elements:

  • (A): Breaking News badge: Appears on every Breaking news widget. The text can be localized.
  • (B): Clickable headline: The headline for the story. Opens a new page when clicked.
  • (C): Arrows: Appears if the widget includes multiple items. Lets visitors manually browse items.

NOTE: If the widget includes multiple items, the visible headline changes every 5 seconds by default. Contact Pangea Customer Care to change this value for your site.

Open the edit screen

To create a Breaking news widget, go to Sections > Breaking news.

Attach a content page

To attach an existing content page to the Breaking news widget:

  1. Hit Set manual content.
  2. Set the search filters in the left panel according to your preferences. Then, hit Search.
  3. Select + Attach (the plus icon) next to the item you want to attach. If necessary, attach multiple items.
  4. Hit Save to confirm and apply your preferences.

You see the attached item(s) on the Breaking News Widget: Content screen.

Attach a placeholder link

This option lets you attach a link to any URL with a custom headline. To attach a placeholder link:

  1. Go to Set manual content > + Add placeholder.
  2. Enter a headline in the Title box.
  3. Under Link, select the target for the link:
    • Link to Category: Link to a Category or Multimedia archive page.
    • Link to Section: Link to a Section or Infopage.
    • Link to Special page: Link to a special page from your site.
    • Manual link: Link to any URL you manually enter.
  4. In the new drop-down menu that appears, select a specific page to use as the link target. For a Manual link, enter the URL.
  5. For a Manual link, choose your preferred option under Link option:
    • Open in same window: The page opens in the same tab (recommended for links to the same site).
    • Open in new tab: The page opens in a new tab (recommended for links to other sites).
  6. Select Save to return to the Attach dialog.
  7. If necessary, attach multiple items. When you're ready, hit Save again.

You see the attached item(s) on the Breaking News Widget: Content screen.

Customize the headline

When a content page is attached to a Breaking news widget, the headline is generated as follows (if 1 is not filled, the text is taken from 2):

  1. The Title field in the content page's Website teaser settings.
  2. The Title field in the content page's General settings.

You can also create a custom headline by following these steps:

  1. Select Edit teaser.
  2. Enter your preferred headline in the Title box.
  3. Select your preferred option:
    • Save as widget teaser: Applies the title on the current widget only.
    • Save as website teaser: Applies the title on the current widget and in the universal Website teaser settings for the content page.

The headline is now visible under Title on the right side of the item box.

Set the expiration time

Under Expiration time, set how long each item will remain visible on the widget. The default expiration is 30 minutes. Optionally select one of the alternative values listed below:

  • 15 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes

Different items can have different expiration times. The widget disappears from the public site once the expiration time for every item has expired.

Publish the widget

When you're ready, hit Save or Save & close to publish the widget.

NOTE: Normal caching rules do not apply when you publish a Breaking news widget. This means the widget is immediately visible on the public site after publication with no delay.

Manage a published widget

After the widget is published, you can open the edit screen to make adjustments.

To remove an item from the widget before the set expiration time, hit Remove item (the trash icon). To completely remove the widget from the public site, perform this action for every item.

You can also attach a new content page or placeholder link.

NOTE: Normal caching rules apply when you update a published Breaking news widget. This means it might take up to 5 minutes before changes are visible on the public site.

Update Site localization

Using the Site localization tool in Pangea CMS, you can set a localized value for the Breaking News badge. Use the following configuration key:

  • Responsive.BreakingNews.Title

Detailed information about using the Site localization tool is available here:

Pangea CMS Guide

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