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Widgets - Using Semi-auto mode


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Create a widget

This article explains how to add items to a widget with Semi-auto mode enabled. The information applies for creating the following widgets:

About Semi-auto mode

The information below resolves some common confusions about how Semi-auto mode works:

How does Semi-auto mode work?

With Semi-auto mode enabled, the widget can include some Manual items (according to the rules for Manual mode). The remaining Auto items are added automatically by Pangea CMS (according to the rules for Auto mode).

How do Manual items behave?

You need to manually select each Manual item that is included on the widget.

For Manual items, you can also perform the following actions:

  • Change the order of the items.
  • Customize the teaser settings for an item.

Manual items will not be removed unless the widget is manually updated.

Detailed information about adding items to a widget using Manual mode is available here:

How do Auto items behave?

Pangea CMS automatically adds Auto items according to the criteria you define in the widget settings.

Below are examples of possible configurations for Auto items:

  • Display the latest items from a particular Category.
  • Display the latest items from a particular content type (such as Videos).
  • Display the latest items that are assigned a particular Tag.

Older Auto items are automatically replaced as new content is published, with no input required from you.

Detailed information about configuring Auto mode settings is available here:

Will Manual items eventually be replaced by Auto items?

No. Manual items are never removed automatically when Semi-auto mode is enabled. Additionally, the position of Manual items does not change. For example, if a Manual item is at the top of the widget, new Auto items are added below the Manual item.

Where will new Auto items be added?

A new Auto item is added immediately above the previous most recent Auto item on the widget. Other Auto items are moved down and the oldest Auto item is removed to make space for the new Auto item. However, the position of Manual items will not change.

Can I configure the widget so Manual items are replaced by Auto items?

This is not possible using Semi-auto mode. We recommend enabling Auto mode and using the Pin feature. More information here:

Add Manual items

To add the widget content in Semi-auto mode, ensure Semi-auto is selected in the Content section of the widget settings.

Hit Set manual content to select which Manual items will appear on the widget.

You can add either of the following Manual items:

  • Content item: Promote any content page published by your own site.
  • Placeholder (only available for Content widgets): Create a custom item on the widget that is fully configurable.

Detailed information is available here:

After you add a Manual item, it appears below the Auto settings and is marked with the Manual mode label.

Optionally update the teaser settings for any Manual item. To get started, hit Add teaser / Edit teaser on the item box.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Add Auto items

Under Auto settings, define the critera for selecting Auto items.

Detailed information is available here:

After configuring the Auto settings, it is essential to hit Update to check which items currently meet the defined criteria.

By default, the Auto items appear below any previously added Manual items. Auto items are marked with the Auto mode label.

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