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Creating a Backgrounder


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About Backgrounders

What is a Backgrounder?

A Backgrounder is a simplified version of an Article that contains background information on a specific topic. You can embed a Backgrounder into a text-based content page (such as an Article). The Backgrounder is visually separated from the main Article content.

Where can I embed a Backgrounder?

You can embed a Backgrounder on the following text-based content pages:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • FactCheck
  • Feature
  • Feature story
  • Live blog
  • News
  • Transcript

Can I use a Backgrounder as a standalone content item?

A Backgrounder is designed primarily as embedded content. It is not promoted automatically on the public website as a standalone content item. This means:

  • A Backgrounder is not assigned to a category and is not displayed on a category archive page.
  • A Backgrounder is not automatically promoted on widgets.
  • A Backgrounder is not accessible via Search on the public website.

Why does a Backgrounder have a its own URL?

Although a Backgrounder is not promoted automatically on the public website, it still has its own URL. You can use the URL to create a manual link to the Backgrounder page. For example, you can create a placeholder that points to the Backgrounder page from a widget with Manual mode enabled.

To retrieve the URL for the Backgrounder page, go to Miscellaneous > URL.

Complete required settings

To create a new Backgrounder, click New > Content > Backgrounder in the top menu.

The Editor screen contains all the required settings. You must complete the required settings below before saving the Backgrounder:

  • (A): Enter a title in the Add title... box.
  • (B): Add the content for the Backgrounder.

The status controls when the Backgrounder is available to embed on other content pages. When the status is Published, the Backgrounder can be embedded. Manage the status using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Optionally schedule publication.

Add text content

Click inside the text box on the Editor screen to start adding the text content for the Backgrounder.

Use the CKEditor bar to format the text. For example, add links, lists, headers, quotes, and more.

For detailed information about the available options, see the following article:

You can also paste text content directly into the box. The following options are available:

  • Standard paste: All supported formatting is kept in the pasted text. This option is useful for pasting text from third-party word processors (such as Microsoft Word).
  • Paste as plain text: All formatting is removed in the pasted text. This option is useful for pasting text that includes unwanted formatting, such as text from websites.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Add embedded items

As well as text, the Backgrounder can include embedded items. The following options are available:

  • Images: Embed images uploaded by Pangea CMS users or from external agencies (Reuters and AP).
  • See Also links: Embed rich links to content pages created by your own website.
  • Content items: Directly embed certain visual content items created by your own website (Videos, Audio clips, and more).
  • External media: Embed supported external media items (Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and more).
  • Maps: Embed a map highlighting a specific location.

Click the Insert Embed Content icon to add an embedded item into the Backgrounder.

For instructions, see the following articles:

Manage General settings

Click General in the left panel to manage the following settings:

  • Status: Adjust the status of the Backgrounder.
  • Publication date & time: Adjust the publication date and time for the Backgrounder. The information is visible on the Backgrounder page, but not the embedded Backgrounder. Optionally schedule publication.
  • Last update: Specify when the Backgrounder was last updated. If filled, the information is visible on the Backgrounder page, but not the embedded Backgrounder.
  • Title: Adjust the title of the Backgrounder. The title is displayed on the Backgrounder page. The title is also applied by default on the embedded Backgrounder. However, the default title can be customized for individual embeds.
NOTE: If you remove the Published status, the Backgrounder disappears on any content pages where it is currently embedded.

Embed the Backgrounder

You can embed a Backgrounder on any text-based content page in Pangea CMS. The instructions below use the Article edit screen as an example.

To embed a Backgrounder:

  1. On the Article edit screen, click the Insert Embed Content icon in the CKEditor bar.
  2. Click Content in the left panel.
  3. Under Content type, select Backgrounder.
  4. Adjust the additional search filters according to your preferences, then click Search.
  5. Click + Attach (the plus icon) next to the Backgrounder you want to embed.
  6. Specify the following details on the Attach Backgrounder dialog:
    • Caption: Customize the title for the embedded Backgrounder.
    • Display: Specify where on the page the embedded Backgrounder will be displayed.
  7. Click Attach.

The Backgrounder is now embedded on the content page. Changes are not applied on the public website until you click Save or Save & close.

Schedule publication

You can schedule publication of a Backgrounder for a specific time in the future. While publication is scheduled, you can embed the Backgrounder on a content page. The embedded Backgrounder is hidden and will not be visible on the public website until after the scheduled publication time.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the Backgrounder edit screen to select the Published status.
  2. Click General in the left panel. Under Publication date & time, enter the time and date when you want the Backgrounder to be visible.
  3. Click Save or Save & close to confirm and apply your preferences.

The Backgrounder is now saved and available in Pangea CMS with the Scheduled status.

After you embed the Backgrounder on a content page, it shows with the Scheduled status. This means it is not yet visible on the public website

To find a Backgrounder with the Scheduled status using the Pangea CMS Search tool, you may need to select All under Publication date. If Last 30 days is selected, the search results do not include items that are scheduled for publication on a future day.

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