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Embedding an image

This article explains how to embed an image into a content page in Pangea CMS. The steps apply for images that were already uploaded to Pangea CMS.

You can embed an image on any text-based content page in Pangea CMS. This includes articles, feature stories, and other content types available via New > Content in the top menu.

NOTE: The screenshots in this article show the Article edit screen. However, the steps also apply for other text-based content.

What's inside this article:

Embed an image

Follow these steps:

  1. Position the cursor where you want to embed the image.
  2. Click the Insert Embed Content icon.
  3. Ensure Single item and Image are selected.
  4. Select your preferred option:
    • Internal: Search for images that were uploaded by other Pangea CMS users.
    • External: Search for images from external agencies - Reuters or AP (Associated Press).
  5. Use the additional paramaters in the left panel to narrow the search results, then click Search.
  6. Click + Attach (the plus icon) next to the image you want to embed.
  7. Configure the settings below:
    • (A): Crop: Click the Crop icon to crop the image.
    • (B): Graphic content warning: Tick this box for images that are potentially upsetting or offensive. Visitors will see a warning before viewing the image and must manually select Click to reveal.
    • (C): Link: Specify what happens when a visitor clicks on the image.
    • (D): Caption: Edit the text that is displayed below the image on the public website. Remove the caption if you don't want to display text below the image.
    • (E): Graphic description: Review the internal description for the image. This text is not visible on the public website, but may be useful for editing the Caption.
    • (F): Size: Specify the size of the image.
    • (G): Keep aspect ratio: Tick this box to maintain the original width to height ratio of the image.
  8. Click Attach.

The image is now embedded in the page content.

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