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Embedding content items


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Basic information

This article explains how to directly embed a content item into text content. You can directly embed the following content items:

  • Text-based content:
    • Backgrounder
  • Multimedia content:
    • Audio clip, Audio feauture, Broadcast program, Document, Photo gallery, Slider gallery, Video
  • Interactive content:
    • Dynamic infographics, Poll, Quiz, Snippet

When an item is directly embedded, visitors can interact with the item on the page where it is embedded. For example, if you directly embed a video into the body of an article, visitors can play the video without leaving the article page.

NOTE: For detailed information about exactly where you can embed content items, go to the following section:

Embed a content item

To embed a content item:

  1. Hit the Insert Embedded Content icon in CKEditor.
  2. Select Single item and Content.
  3. Under Content type in the left panel, select the relevant content type (for example, Video).
  4. Optionally use the additional search filters in the left panel to narrow the search results, then hit Search.
  5. Select + Attach (the plus icon) next to the item you want to embed.
  6. If prompted, select Add as embedded content, then hit Attach.

You see a placeholder representing the embedded item in CKEditor.

Where can I embed a content item?

You can embed a content item on the following text-based content items:

You can also embed content items:

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