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Basic information

This article explains how to directly embed a content item that was published by your site.

You might directly embed a content item as follows:

About directly embedded content items

When a content item is directly embedded, visitors can interact with the item on the page where it is embedded. For example, you might directly embed a Video on an Article page. This lets visitors play the Video without leaving the Article page.

Pangea CMS lets you directly embed the following content items:




Audio clip | Audio feature | Broadcast program | Document | Photo gallery | Slider gallery | Video


Dynamic infographics | Poll | Quiz | Snippet | Static infographics

Embed on a content page

You can directly embed a content item into the body of the following text content pages:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • FactCheck (embed in the Verdict content)
  • Feature
  • Feature story
  • Live blog (embed in a post)
  • News
  • Transcript

To learn how to create these content pages from the beginning, see the following articles:

To directly embed a content item from the edit screen for a text content page:

  1. Via Editor, click inside the main box to reveal the CKEditor bar. Position the cursor where you want to insert the embed.
  2. Hit the Insert Embedded Content button in CKEditor.
  3. Select Single item and Content.
  4. Search for and select the item you want to embed.
  5. Select Add as embedded content (if prompted).
  6. Configure the settings for the embed (if prompted). Then, hit Attach.

You see a placeholder representing the embedded item in CKEditor.

To check exactly how the embedded item will look on the published page, use the options under Preview in the left panel.

Embed on an HTML widget

You can directly embed a content item on an HTML widget. This lets you display the item on any of the following pages / segments:

  • Section pages (including your homepage)
  • Infopages
  • Landings
  • Regions
  • You Might Also Like (YMAL)

To directly embed a content item on an HTML widget:

  1. Select Build in the primary navigation.
  2. Choose the type of page / segment where you want to display the content item.
  3. Select the specific page / segment where you want to display the content item.
  4. Ensure Editor is selected in the left panel.
  5. Select the empty area where you want to display the widget.
  6. Select New widget > HTML to start building a new HTML widget.
  7. In the Content section, hit the Insert embedded content button.
  8. Follow steps 3-6 under Embed on a content page.

The remaining steps are the same as for creating a standard HTML widget. For instructions, see the folloowing article: