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Embedding external media


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Basic information

This article explains how to embed approved external media items. For example, you can embed a Tweet video into the body of an Article.

NOTE: For detailed information about exactly where you can embed approved external media, go to the following section:

Retrieve embed code

Before embedding an external media item, retrieve the embed code from the external media platform. The exact steps vary on different platforms.

Below, find links to external support articles that explain how to retrieve the embed code for some of the most commonly used external media items:

You can also embed a widget that was created in Pangea CMS. For information about retrieving the embed code, see the following article:

NOTE: For other platforms, we recommend checking the relevant third-party support site for information about retrieving an embed code.

Embed external media

To embed an external media item:

  1. Hit the Insert Embedded Content icon in CKEditor.
  2. Select External media.
  3. Paste the embed code into the External media URL or embed code box. To paste using device controls:
    • Windows: On your keyboard, press the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously.
    • Mac: On your keyboard, press the ⌘ Command and V keys simultaneously.
  4. Optionally enter a note under Personal note. Personal notes are visible only in CMS and help editors identify exactly what has been embedded.
  5. Hit Attach.

You see a placeholder representing the embedded item in CKEditor. If you added a Personal note, the note is visible on the placeholder.

To check exactly how the embed will look on the published page, use the options under Preview in the left panel.

Check approved external media items

To check the list of approved external media items:

  1. Hit the Insert Embedded Content icon in CKEditor.
  2. Select External media.
  3. Select the Allowed external media panel.

You see the full list of approved external media items. For each item, the following details are available:

  • (A): The icon for the media platform.
  • (B): The specific item type that can be embedded. For some platforms, multiple item types can be embedded.
  • (C): Details about the specific embed code or URL that is needed to embed the item.
NOTE: If the external media item you want to embed is not listed, contact Pangea Customer Care to request a new approved item.

Where can I embed external media?

You can embed external media on the following text-based content items:

You can also embed external media:

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