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Retrieving the embed code for a widget


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About embedding widgets

An embed code is available for the following widgets in Pangea CMS:

The embed code can be used to embed the widget on external sites. This is useful if you have an agreement to share content with an approved third-party news website. The embedded widget remains linked to the original widget in Pangea CMS and will inherit all changes.

Open the widget settings

You can open the widget settings via the Editor screen for the website item where the widget is used. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sections in the top menu and select the relevant type of website item. Choose from the following:
    • Sections
    • Infopages
    • Landings
    • Regions
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  2. Select the name of the specific website item where the widget is used.
  3. Go to (three lines) > Edit on the box for the relevant widget.

The widget settings open.

You can also open the widget settings via the Widget list (applies for all widgets) or the Widget library (applies for library widgets). Detailed information is available in the articles below:

Retrieve the embed code

To retrieve the embed code:

  1. Hit Embed code in the left panel.
  2. Adjust the size of the embed (Width and Height). The following conditions apply:
    • Width: You can enter a value in percent (%) or pixels (px):
      • Percent: If the value you enter is 100 or lower, it is automatically applied as percent. For example, if you enter 100, the embed will cover 100% of the available width. If you enter 50, the embed will cover 50% of the available width.
      • Pixels: If the value you enter is 101 or higher, it is automatically applied as pixels. For example, if you enter 500, the width of the embed will be 500px. The maximum value is 10000.
    • Height: You must enter the value in pixels (px). The value must be between 100 and 1000 pixels.
  3. Optionally use the Enable scrolling slider to enable scroll bars on the embed. Scroll bars will only be visible on the embed if its size means that the full widget is not visible.
  4. Hit Copy next to the embed code.

The embed code is now copied to your clipboard a can be shared with the external site that will embed the widget.

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