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Update your User account


What's inside this article:

Basic information

This article explains how to update your personal User account from Pangea CMS.

Open your User account

Open your User account as follows:

  • Desktop: Go to the "person" button > My account.
  • Mobile: Go to > My account (the gear icon).

The remaining sections in this article will explain the different options.

Azure settings

Under Azure settings, all options are read-only and cannot be updated manually by Pangea CMS users. Review the following details:

  • First name: Your first name as it appears in Pangea CMS.
  • Last name: Your last name as it appears in Pangea CMS.
  • Username: The email address you use to log in to Pangea CMS.
  • Email: Your contact email address.

You can request updates to these settings (for example, if your name includes a typo). Review the relevant information below, according to your entity:


Contact Pangea Customer Care to request updates.


Contact the responsible IME (Internet Managing Editor) for your division to request updates.

NOTE: For VOA and OCB, user management in Pangea CMS is handled internally by IME's (not by Pangea Customer Care). However, we encourage IME's to contact Pangea Customer Care for advice and assistance if needed.


Under General, all options are read-only and cannot be updated manually by Pangea CMS users. Review the following details:

  • Status: The status of your User account (Active, Inactive, or Expired validity).
  • User group: Your User group for the current site.
  • Validity: The validity of your User account (Unlimited or Limited).

User preferences

Under User preferences, optionally tick Enable search results in English.

When this option is ticked, you always see the English Title for Categories in Pangea CMS. This is useful if you have access to sites in Pangea CMS where you do not speak the local language.


Under Notifications, control how and when you receive notifications from Pangea CMS.

Two notification methods are available:

  • (A): Pangea message: A notification that arrives in the notification area in Pangea CMS.
  • (B): Email: An email notification that is sent to the email address listed in your User account under Email.

Select a notification method (Pangea message or Email). Then, tick the box next to each notification you want to receive using this method. This means that for each event, you can be notified by Pangea message, email, or both.

The following events are available:

My audio / video is processed

Receive a notification whenever a video or audio file that you personally uploaded to Pangea CMS is fully uploaded and processed. For information about uploading files, see the following articles:

Activity Report is ready

Receive a notification whenever a User Activity Report that you generated is ready to view.

Video is published

Receive a notification whenever a new Video is published on the current site. This applies regardless of who published the Video.

This setting applies only for the current site that you are managing in Pangea CMS. To enable this notification for more sites, open each site individually and enable the notification.

My video is distributed

Receive notifications about requests for on-demand video distribution to social media. This means requests that you personally confirmed on the edit screen for a Video in the Multimedia distribution section.

You receive a notification when:

  • A video is successfully distributed.
  • Distribution of a video fails.

For detailed information, see the following article:

Apply changes

Changes to your User account are not applied until you perform both actions below:

  1. Hit Save or Save & close.
  2. Log out of Pangea CMS, then log back in again.

To log out of Pangea CMS, perform the relevant action below:

  • Desktop: Go to the "person" button > Log out.
  • Mobile: Go to > Log out.

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