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Editing a Document


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Upload a new Document

To upload a new document file to Pangea CMS, click New > Multimedia > Document in the top menu.

For detailed information about the Document upload process, see the following article:

Edit an existing Document

To open the edit screen for an existing Document:

  1. Find the Document you want to edit using the Pangea CMS Search tool.
  2. Click the title in the relevant box on the Search results screen.

The Document edit screen opens.

Manage the document file

To manage the document file, click Document in the left panel.

The following options are available:

  • (A): Replace: Upload a new file that replaces the original file. This option is useful if the upload fails.
  • (B): Download: Download the current file.
  • (C): Source of document: Optionally add information about the source of the document. This information is displayed on the public website.

Manage General settings

Click General in the left panel to manage the following settings:

  • Status: Adjust the status of the Document.
  • Publication date & time: Adjust the publication date and time that is displayed at the top of the published Document page. Optionally schedule publication.
  • Last update: Specify when the Document was last updated. If filled, the information is visible on the public website.
  • Title: Adjust the title of the Document.
  • Introduction: Enter a brief introductory text. Tick Display introduction to display the introduction on the public website.
  • URL Slug: Enter a text string that is added to the URL and enhances visibility via search engines.
  • Categories: Adjust which categories the Document is assigned to.
  • Main image: Add an image that is displayed on the Document page on the public website.
  • Main image caption: Edit the text displayed when a visitor scrolls over the Main image on the public website. The text is also visible to search engines and screen readers.
  • Main image description: Review the internal description for the Main image (not visible on the public website).

Use the preview

If the status of the Document is Published, click Live site at the top of the screen to open the Document on the public website.

Regardless of the status, you can use the options under Preview in the left panel to check how the Document will look on devices with different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

Further recommendations

This article contains information about the most important settings for creating a Document. For information about other options on the Document edit screen, see the following articles:

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