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Creating a Static infographics page


What's inside this article:

Basic information

Static infographics pages are optimized for displaying images that include text and other fine details (such as infographics and cartoons). For more details, go to the following section:

To create a new Static infographics page in Pangea CMS, go to New > Interactive > Static infographics.

How is Static infographics different to a Photo gallery?

The main differences between a Static infographics page and a Photo gallery are as follows:

  • Static infographics pages use minimal compression for higher quality images.
  • Static infographics pages have a white background for optimal visability.
  • Captions for images on Static infographics pages are not directly visible. Visitors can click or tap the image to reveal the caption.
  • On Static infographics pages, you can hide the title so it is not visible on the published page.
  • Regions are not displayed on published Static infographics pages. This creates a cleaner look, emphasizing the main content.

Add the page title and URL slug

Add the page title via General > Title. If you tick Display title, the title will be visible on the published Static infographics page.

NOTE: The title will be applied as the page meta title (even if Display title is not ticked). For detailed information about the purpose of the meta title, see the following article:

After you enter the title, it is recommended to create a URL Slug that is added to the URL for the page. For detailed information, see the following article:

Add images

You can add either of the following image types to a Static infographics page:

  • Internal images: Images that have already been uploaded to Pangea CMS.
  • External images: Images from the following external agencies:
    • AFP (Agence France-Presse)
    • AP (Associated Press)
    • Reuters

Internal images

NOTE: The instructions below assume that the images you want to use are already uploaded to Pangea CMS. To learn how to upload new images, see the following article:

To add internal images to a Static infographics page:

  1. Hit Select content on the Images screen.
  2. Ensure Internal is selected.
  3. Adjust the search filters in the left panel according to your preferences, then hit Search.
  4. Select + Attach (the plus icon) next to each image you want to add.
  5. Check the images under Attached items. The following options are available:
    • Remove an image: Select Remove (the trash icon) to remove an image from the Static infographics page.
    • Reorder images: Drag and drop any box to change the position of the image on the Static infographics page.
  6. Hit Save to confirm your choice and return to the Images screen.

The attached images are visible on the Images screen. It is important to create a caption for each image.

External images

The steps for adding external images are very similar to those for internal images. However, you need to select External on the Attach dialog.

After you hit + Attach to add an external image, the Image upload dialog appears. Wait while the image is uploaded. This process normally takes a few seconds. However, it might take longer, depending on the speed of your network.

NOTE: After you upload an external image to Pangea CMS, the image is saved and available for future use as an internal image.

Create an image caption

The caption is visible when a visitor clicks or taps the image on the public site. An effective caption provides context and helps visitors understand the significance of the image. The caption is also applied as the ALT text for the image.

Enter the image caption in the Caption box. The image's English Title is filled by default. However, it is important to create a custom caption in your local language that fits the current page.

The following information is available to help you formulate the caption:

  • (A): Metadata: The metadata for each image.
  • (B): Description: The internal image description.

If necessary, hit Restore to default to revert the caption back to its default value (the image's English Title).

Choose the Website teaser image

The first image on the Static infographics page is automatically added in the Website teaser settings as the horizontal and vertical image.

The Website teaser images for a content page are visible by default when the page is previewed on the public site, for example:

Select 1 in the drop-down menu to set an image as the first image.

Hit Website teaser in the left panel if you want to crop the Website teaser images, or manually select different Website teaser images.

NOTE: It is important to optimize the horizontal Website teaser image. The vertical Wesbite teaser image is less important, as only a small number of widgets support vertical images.

Add the Static infographics page to a Category

Categories (previously Zones) organize content pages on your website by topic. For example, your website might have a Politics Category for all content relating to politics. You cannot save the Static infographics page until it is added to at least one Category.

Add the Static infographics page to a Category via General > Categories.

Detailed information about adding a content page to a Category is available in the following article:

Save and publish the Static infographics page

Before saving the Static infographics page, select your preferred option in the Status drop-down menu:

  • Draft: The Static infographics page will be assigned the Draft status after you save it. It will be available for further editing in CMS, but it will not be visible on the public site.
  • Edited: The Static infographics page will be assigned the Edited status after you save it. It will be available for further editing in CMS, but it will not be visible on the public site.
  • Published: The Static infographics page will be assigned the Published status after you save it. It will be visible on the public site, and it will also be available for further editing in CMS.

Hit Save or Save & close to confirm and apply your preferences.

NOTE: If preferred, you can schedule publication for a specific date and time in the future. For detailed instructions, see the following article:

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