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FactCheck Creation

Fact Check


The main goal of the FactCheck is to display the content from a different perspective and to present the objective assessment of factual assertions.

CMS creation

In order to create the new FactCheck select in Pangea CMS New --> Content --> FactCheck.​

First part of FactCheck creation does not vary from article creation. There are standard box to check or fill, such as: Status, Publication Date, Comments on Article options, Slug, Title, Main Image and Zone selection see Article Creation.

Provide with main image, its caption and graphic description (not mandatory), which will appear at the top of the article (yellow box).

Fill the Statement Author box and provide the Statement Author Image, which will appear in a circle next to the Author’s name on the front end. Author’s description is optional (green box).

In Statement Content box provide with the statement in question – quote/text or embedded content (purple box).

Statement Source is also mandatory, so the end user can easily find the origin of the statement (red box).

Printscreen below shows how described parts are reflected on the front end.

Verdict is an assessment whether the statement is factual, false or questionable.

  • Verdict Title (1) is a mandatory field. It is advisable to lay down the rules of verdict variations (TRUE, PARTIALLY TRUE, FALSE, MOSTLY FALSE) to avoid later confusion for the readers. Nevertheless it is editorial decision – to be established by users.
  • Short Verdict Description (2) is optional. Most often will be used when the verdict is not clear. It will appear below the Verdict Title.
  • Verdict Icon (3) has several options for the shapes and colors. Those two are NOT mutually dependent, so there is a possibility to create various icons. Also in this case unifying icons is recommended.
  • Verdict Introduction will display on front end (content page). For some content types the display is optional (marked by a check box).
  • Verdict Content (4) will appear as a developed explanation of the statement verdict. It will be in most cases simple text with links. It is created the same way as a regular article in CKEditor.

Printscreen below shows how described parts are reflected on the front end.​

A separate Statement on the website consists of: 1. title (and share buttons) 2. statement, author and source 3. verdict, status icon and introduction

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