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Assigning a Region to a Category

NOTE: This article contains information about assigning a Region to a Category. For general information about Regions, including how to create a Region, see the alternative article below:

What's inside this article:

About Regions and Categories

Regions are assigned at Category level. Each Category can be assigned one Region. When a Region is assigned to a Category:

  • The Region is only visible on content pages that use the Category as the Primary category.
  • The Region is only visible on the content page types that are enabled in the Category settings.
  • The Region is also visible on the Category archive page for the Category.
NOTE: Regions are not supported for all types of content pages. More information here:

Start editing a Category

This article assumes that the Edit Category (Zone) screen (shown below) for the Category you want to edit is already open.

Open the Edit Category (Zone) screen by creating a new Category or editing an existing Category. For instructions, see the following article:

Assign a Region

NOTE: The steps below explain how to assign a previously created Region to a Category. Information about creating a new Region is available here:

To assign a Region to a Category:

  1. Use the Right Responsive Region drop-down menu to select the Region you want to assign.
  2. The change is not applied until you hit Save.

Choose where the Region is displayed

You can customize which types of content pages will display the assigned Region. Follow these steps:

  1. Hit Right Responsive Region: Content types. Tick every content type where you want the Region to be visible. Untick any content types where you don't want the Region to be visible.
  2. The change is not applied until you hit Save.

Regions are primarily intended for use on simple text-based content pages that do not already include a lot of visual elements. For this reason, many page types in Pangea CMS do not support Regions (including Infographics, Videos, and Feature stories). Pages that do not support Regions are not listed under Right Responsive Region: Content types.

IMPORTANT: The Live blog content type no longer supports Regions. So Live blogs will not display the assigned Region, even when this option is ticked in the Category settings.

Complete other Category settings

Assigning a Region is just one part of the process for creating a new Category. For detailed information about other options on the Edit Category (Zone) screen, see the following article:

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