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Connect a Region to a Category


What's inside this article:

Basic information

This article explains how to connect a Region to a Category.

One Region might be connected to multiple Categories. The Region is displayed on content pages from each connected Category.

Two methods are available for connecting a Region to a Category:

Select a Region via Category settings

Follow the steps in the sections below in order:

1. Open Category settings

Go to Settings > Categories. Then, select the Category you want to edit.

2. Select a Region

Under Right Responsive Region, select a Region.

You can select a Region that is saved in Pangea CMS with either the Published or Draft status. However, the Region will not be displayed on the public site unless it has the Published status.

3. Publish changes

Select Save to publish your changes.

Select Categories via Region builder

Follow the steps in the sections below in order:

1. Open Region settings

Go to Build > Regions. Then, select the Region you want to edit.

2. Select Categories

Via General > Categories, connect the Region to one or more Categories. You can choose from Categories that do not already have a connected Region.

3. Publish changes

Select Publish or Publish & close to publish your changes.

Select content types

From the Category settings, you can control where the Region is displayed (on which content page types). Follow these steps:

  1. Select Right Responsive Region: Content types to expand this panel.
  2. Tick the content page types where you want to display the Region.
  3. Select Save to publish your changes.

IMPORTANT: The Live blog content type no longer supports Regions. This means the Region will not be displayed on Live blog pages (even if this option is ticked in the Category settings).

Many content types do not support Regions (such as Feature story). These content types are not listed under Right Responsive Region: Content types. Regions are primarily intended for displaying on simple text content pages that do not already include a lot of interactive and visual elements. If you are not sure which content types to select, we suggest keeping the default selection. By default, Regions are displayed on the following content page types:

  • Article
  • Transcript
  • News
  • Poll
  • Blog
  • Feature
  • FactCheck
  • Document