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Configuring widget settings

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About widget settings

This article explains how to configure the options in the Settings section of the widget edit screen.

The information applies for the following widgets:

Create a header

You can add a header, which is displayed above the widget on the public site. The header might be text or an image.

Use the Header options drop-down menu to select your preferred option:

  • No header (selected by default): Display nothing above the widget.
  • Display title: Display a title above the widget. Enter the title you want to use in the Title box.
  • Use image as header: Display an image above the widget. Hit Select content and attach the image you want to use.

If you add a header (text or image), optionally add a Header link.

Adjust the default widget name

Under Widget name, optionally adjust the default name that helps identify the widget in Pangea CMS. The Widget name is not visible on the public site.

TIP: Customizing the default Widget name ensures the widget can be easily identified via the Widget list.

Create a Header link

If the widget includes a header (text or image), you can add a Header link. This means a new page will open when a visitor clicks or taps the header.

Use the Header link drop-down menu to set the target for the link. The following options are available:

  • No link (selected by default): The header does not function as a link.
  • Link to Category: The target is a Category archive page.
  • Link to Section: The target is a Section page.
  • Link to Special page: The target is a Special page from your site.
  • Manual link: The target is a URL that you specify.

An additional drop-down menu appears, where you can select the specific page (for example, select a specific Category).

For a Manual link, manually enter the URL that will be applied as the link target. Use either format below:

  • A full URL (such as
  • A slash followed by the URL slug for a page from your website (such as /home)

For a Manual link, also use the Link option drop-down menu to specify how the page opens (in the same tab or in a new tab).

Create a Footer link

You can add a Footer link, which is displayed below the widget on the public website.

Use the Footer link drop-down menu to select a target for the link. The available options are the same as for a Header link.

Under Link text, optionally provide custom text for the link. If you don't provide custom text, the default text for your your site is applied. Information about localizing the default text is available here:

TIP: If you include both a Footer link and a Header link on the same widget, ensure both links point to the same page for better user experience on your site.

Changes to the widget settings are not permanently applied until you hit Save or Save & close.

Update site localization

By default, the text applied for a Footer link is More.

You can localize the default text for your specific language service using the following configuration key:

  • Common.Title.More

For detailed information about using the Site Localization tool in Pangea CMS, see the following article:

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