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Using library widgets on the website


What's inside this article:

Create a library widget

This article explains how to use previously created library widgets to build the following website items:

For general information about library widgets, including how to create a new library widget, see the alternative article below:

Open the Editor screen

To open the Editor screen for any website item:

  1. Go to Sections in the top menu and select the relevant type of website item. Choose from the following:
  2. Select the name of the specific website item you want to edit. Alternatively, hit + Add new to create a new website item.

The Editor screen opens.

Use an existing library widget

NOTE: The steps below explain how to use an existing library widget on the public site. To learn how to create a new library widget, see the following article:

To add an existing library widget to a website item:

  1. Select Widgets from library in the left panel to open a list of the available widget types.
  2. Drag and drop the box for the relevant widget type to the position on the page where you want to add the widget.
  3. Click the green tick icon next to your chosen library widget, then hit Select.

The widget is now visible on the Editor screen.

Identify library widgets

Identify a library widget on an Editor screen by checking for the Library label on the widget box.

Add a widget to the Widget library

You can add any widget to the Widget library. When you perform this action, the widget becomes a library widget. To add a widget to the Widget library:

  1. Go to (three lines) > Add to library.
  2. Enter the internal Widget name that helps identify the widget in the Widget library (not visible on the public site). Hit Add.

The widget is now a library widget and is stored in the Widget library.

Edit a library widget

If a library widget is used on multiple website items, all instances of the widget are linked. So whenever you edit a library widget, the changes are applied automatically for all instances of the widget.

To edit a library widget, select (three lines) > Edit.

The widget edit screen opens in the same tab. For detailed information about configuring the widget, see the relevant article below:

NOTE: We are still working on producing dedicated articles for all the available widget types. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

You can also edit a library widget via the Widget library. For instructions, see the following article:

Delete a library widget

When you delete a library widget via the Editor screen for a website item, the following conditions apply:

  • The widget is deleted from the current website item only. A white space is left on the page.
  • If the widget is used on multiple website items, other instances of the widget are not deleted.
  • The widget is still a library widget and is not removed from the Widget library.

To delete a library widget from the current website item, select (three lines) > Delete widget.

NOTE: Via the Widget library, you can alternatively delete all instances or a library widget or remove a widget from the Widget library. For instructions, see the following article:

Check widget usage

You can verify where a library widget is used. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to (three lines) > Edit.
  2. Select Settings.

Under Widget usage, you see a list of website items where the widget is used. Select a link to open the website item on the public website.

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