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Mobile/TV/OTT applications

Mobile applications

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mobile Applications
    1. Application Sections
    2. Application Sections that can be managed
  3. TV applications
  4. Application Portfolio

1 ​. Introduction ​

Pangea applications are designed to give users a unique opportunity to consume the content produced in different languages for different target regions through the virtual borders erected by governments.

Application users can:

  • Customize your news by topic
  • Enjoy reading, listening and watching
  • Live broadcasts include audio, video and live blogs
  • Read stories while listening to on-demand and live audio and video
  • Get breaking news push notifications
  • Save download time and data costs by using the “Low-Bandwidth Mode”
  • Bookmark and download for offline reading, watching, and listening
  • Share favorite stories via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms
  • Send photo, video, audio and text reports to the editorial teams

Platform variations:

  • Mobile / Tablet
  • AppleTV / Android TV
  • Samsung OTT

2 ​. Mobile Applications

2.1 ​Application Sections

  • Homepage
    • TopStory. Represents the main story. Content can be synchronized with any widget in CMS.​
    • Live/Upcoming widget. Appears under TopStory and contains information about all ongoing video/audio live streams and scheduled upcoming programs. By pressing on the live show users of the app can start watching/listening.
      Pressing on one of the upcoming programs allows to set a reminder and to get more information about the program.
    • Latest news. Can display the most recent media item from any audio or video zone. It only displays recent, very recent content. If the most recent item was published more than three hours ago, widget hides automatically.
    • Content by topics. Presents content by topics. Being fed from Pangea zones. Zones can be selected in CMS, order respects the order of zones in CMS. Only the main purpose zones (not radio/TV) zones can be displayed here.
    • Editors' choice. Copies content of any widget in CMS.
    • UGC showcase. Designed to advertise the content sent by the users and to engage other users to submit their content. The upload button is in the bottom part of the widget.
    • Most popular. Same as the most popular widget on the responsive frontend.
    • Live. Present all currently available live audio and video streams as well as live blogs.​
      • Audio
      • Video
      • Live Blog
    • Audio/Video sections. Contain the following widgets:
      • Live: Ongoing live streaming.
      • My programs: List of liked/followed programs.
      • All Programs: List of all programs. Users of the app can mark any program as their favorite and get notified when a new episode is published.
      • Continue watching/listening: Allows users of the app to continue watching/listening from where they stopped.
      • Bookmarks: List of bookmarked audio/video episodes.
    • My News. Allows mobile app users to build their own personalized feed of content in any language and from any language service.​
    • Bookmarks / Continue watching. Allows to bookmark content to read, watch, or listen to when on/offline (More > Bookmarks).
      UGC upload. Allows a user of the app to share photos, videos, audios or texts with your editorial office.

2.2 ​Application Sections that can be managed

  • Homepage​
    • Homepage widgets​
      • TopStory
        All you need to do is to open a widget settings tab and check the Mobile app top story checkbox. The widget content will be used in the mobile app's top story section.
        The checkbox can be set for one widget only. When you check the checkbox in a new widget, it will be automatically unchecked in a previous widget.​
      • Latest news
        Custom configuration, please submit a ticket.
      • UGC showcase
        Custom configuration, please submit a ticket.
      • Editors' choice
        Custom configuration, please submit a ticket.
  • Number and order of the topics (categories) on the home page
    There are two ways of how Categories (Zones) can be selected to appear in the News app. The first way is to open the selected Zone (Category) for editing (Settings > Zones > Edit Zone) and to check the checkbox Enable for mobile app.
    The second option allows you to select the desired amount of zones at once. In order to do so, go to Settings > Zones Categories > in the dropdown menu switch to Enable for Mobile Apps > select zones you would like to enable for mobile apps > click Save and Reload.​If you would like to change the order of the Zones/Categories appearing in the app, it is needed to change the order of the Zones in the CMS settings (Settings > Zones > Order).
  • Audio/video sections
    • List and order of the shows
      Order of the Radio/TV zones in Pangea CMS is reflected in the app for a list of programs/shows.
    • Scheduler
      Reflects the Program Index page of your site. In order for the program to appear in the app Scheduler, check the checkbox Enable Program Index page in Radio/TV zone settings.

3 ​. TV Applications

TV applications have 4 main tabs:

  • Featured: Live + Editor’s pick
  • Shows: List of all shows
  • Saved: Fast access to favorite/saved programs and episodes
  • Settings: Enable/Disable Autoplay, Privacy, About, Rate App

TV applications platform variations: Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung, LG

4 ​. Application Portfolio​

EntityLanguage ServiceApp nameTV OSiOSAndroid TVAndroidSamsung TVLG TV

BelarusianРадыё Свабода
BulgarianСвободна Европа


Крым.Реалии ♦​ ♦​


رادیو فردا


Szabad Európa ♦​ ♦​

Азаттык үналгысы

MashaalMashaal Radio
North CaucasusКавказ.Реалии ♦​ ♦​



Radio Europa Liberă ♦​
TajikРадиои Озодӣ
UzbekОзодлик ♦​
UkrainianРадіо Свобода ♦​ ♦​
Current TimeНастоящее Время♦​
AfghanVOA Afghanistan ♦​ ♦​
BurmeseVOA Burmese ♦​ ♦​
Chinese美国之音 ♦​ ♦​
PersianVOA Farsi ♦​ ♦​
RussianГолос Америки ♦​ ♦​
OCB Radio Televisión Martí ♦​
Pangea PangeaGO ♦​

More detailed guidance on how to manage VOA News applications here.

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