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Zones Categories

Zones categories

Zones Categories

This part of CMS Settings is designed to choose and select different information content (taken from zones) for different purposes (categories). The content may vary from one Category to another, e.g. Mobile App content is different from the Smart TV etc. By picking a category and selecting a content for it would change the displaying of this content on the frontend. The result of the changes would be, for example, that Smart TV would have a content that was chosen here, in Zone Categories.

To enter this area you need to click on Settings -> Zone Categories.

Here you woud be able to pick up any of the Zones' Category and its content by selecting zones and sections for each area of Pangea: RSS enabled, Smart TV, Mobile apps etc. Each Category would then have its own unique source of content material according to the zones that were chosen.

After checking the necessary boxes you may simply save the chosen:

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