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7.14 Release Highlights


Release 7.14 of Pangea will provide desired new features for Responsive sites, such as Auto-play feature for Pangea TV widget and media pages, Poll as related content, Embedded audio player redesign, and many others!

We have also updated BBG Direct with new Items and Languages.

New Features - Responsive Web Sites & CMS

Auto-play feature

A very effective way to grab the attention of your online audience than a video playing the instant they land on your page. Because of that reason, Pangea now offers an option to enable auto-play on Pangea TV widget and on media pages.

For Pangea TV widget

Pangea TV widget now has a new option, which allows editors to enable auto-play of live streaming content. When this feature is enabled, the Pangea TV widget will auto-play live content, if widget is in user's viewing area.

However, the widget volume will be set to Mute by default so as not to be intrusive. This auto-play feature will only be enabled on desktop browsers to save bandwidth for mobile users.

For Media pages

We have added two new configuration keys, which allow editors to enable/disable new auto-play feature on media in a TV or audio zone. Enabling this option will mean that any video or audio that belongs to a media page will automatically start playing upon opening the link to it. This feature is set as enabled by default for both videos and audios. The configuration keys which can be used to change the setting of this feature are the following:

  • Responsive.MediaPlayer.Audio.AutoPlay
  • Responsive.MediaPlayer.Video.AutoPlay

Embedded audio player redesign

For an improved user experience during audio consumption on articles, we have redesigned the embedded audio player. Updated version now includes a smaller view of the Main audio image on the side as well as an option to share the audio directly to social media in the top right corner. Along with these, a branding of the audio has also been included. Upon clicking the title of the audio in the embedded player, user is redirected to the media page with the audio, where it's possible to retrieve the embed code for the audio itself.

Font clean-up

We experienced different fonts for Cyrillic when a text was zoomed out. We worked with the font provider to fix the issue.

Issue with HTML tags in introduction

On old articles (created before 2006) it was still possible to put any HTML tags to the description and they would be displayed in articles themselves. This remained the case even after switch to Responsive. The new release fixes this issue. No HTML tags will now be visible in the article directly, while images will be displayed correctly.

Poll as related content on responsive articles

After the 7.14 release, if a poll is attached to an article as a related content, it will be displayed on an article below articles and other related content. However, before using this feature, it is necessary to localize the head text ("Poll") with the use of the following configuration key:


Adding 3 widgets to a 4c section layout

Based on requests from our users, we added 3 widget areas to a 4 column section layout. The change applies for all the grantees.

Push notification – Enabling Teaser

Based on popular demand, we have enabled the teaser information for push notification. Now you will be able to modify Title or modify the URL if needed. The interface in CMS remains the same.

Updates to You might like widget in CMS

Since this release, there is an update on the User Interface for You Might Also Like widget, you can now add all your broadcast program, audio clip or audio feature, right from the content tab. So there is no need to have a separate tab for audios, making it easier to assign content to the widget.

Favicon & touch icon

We now have brand new favicons for Chrome Android.

Improved accessibility for people with disabilities

In order to improve the accessibility of our pages for people with disabilities we’ve added new HTML elements (labels). These labels allow the special software or Voice Speaker, used by people with disabilities, to help identify logical parts of the page that existed only as the visual elements until now. This special software can be used on any device.

Please note the labels need to be localized to the local languages of each service before they can be enabled in order for the software to properly recognize the elements and pass the information on to the user. We hope by improving the page structure, you could have more web users to your sites.

Please note the following keys have been added and have to be localized:

Main Menu in mobile view:

  • Responsive.Accessibility.Toggle.MainNavigation
  • Responsive.Accessibility.Toggle.SearchInput

Menu in mobile view:

  • Responsive.Accessibility.MenuItem.Tab.Open
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MenuItem.Tab.Close
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MenuItem.Add
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MenuItem.Remove

Most popular widget:

  • Responsive.Accessibility.MostPopular.Widget.Open
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MostPopular.Widget.Close

Media player:

  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Close
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Share
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Play
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Pause
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Embed
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Switch
  • Responsive.Accessibility.MediaPlayer.Volume


  • Responsive.Accessibility.Calendar.Toggle.View

Featured widget:

  • Responsive.Accessibility.Fred.NextSlide
  • Responsive.Accessibility.Fred.PreviousSlide

Breaking news:

  • Responsive.Accessibility.BreakingNews.Toggle.View
  • Responsive.Accessibility.BreakingNews.Open
  • Responsive.Accessibility.BreakingNews.Close

BBG Direct Improvements

Featured audio (trimmed radio program) from Pangea CMS is available if is stored in proper zone

Items "English to Africa" and "Learning English" option to the Language filter (left navigation)

Site languages extended for "South Slavic" & "Creole"

If you have any further questions regarding new functionalities, please contact our Customer Care team.

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