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7.11 Release Highlights

7.11 Release Highlights


In release 7.11 we are bringing desired features for Responsive sites - namely Facebook Live Streaming, Print Button, Embedded Quiz, Calendar on Zone Archive on Responsive websites and new JOBS website. We have also updated BBG Direct with Newsletter feature & Multimedia Asset Management (MAM) with Automatic Project Creation. More in Release notes.

Responsive Web Sites & CMS

Facebook LIVE streaming via external Pangea Tv Tubes

As we would like to bring to our services as much engagement on social media as possible, we decided to achieve that goal through live streaming. For now, only selected services using our external Pangea TV tubes will be able to stream the TV content directly to Facebook. The services will have an option of "Facebook Broadcast" on the eternal tube Show Edit page.

Please notice, this feature is initially being deployed as a pilot project on selected websites and its functionality will be thoroughly monitored. Once we and the services will be sure of the proper functionality, the feature will be enabled on the rest of the websites and entities.

Calendar on Archive Page

With this release we are implementing a very desired Calendar on zone archive page. You can see the calendar on each content zone archive, therefore, please, check all the localization keys under "Calendar" and translate them.

Sharing of Poll Widget

Pangea CMS is now allowing to copy & paste Poll Widget`s embed code to share it with third party sites. Alternatively, the user can copy & paste the embed code as a snippet in article body.

Embedded Quiz

The embedded quiz has been improved by new functionality for when the readers click on Start button, they stay on the same article and continue responsing the questions without going out of that very same page.

Responsive Regions

After receiving our users` feedback, we decided to enlarge responsive regions with one extra area, which makes it 3 areas in total now.

Related Links on Article Page

Yet another feature migrated from Desktop sites - When creating an article, editors have an option not just to include related articles / videos / Pangea CMS content, but also to relate links of external sources and URLs.

The links in Pangea CMS and also on front end is shown under Related content.

Support of Broadcast Image

As of this release, Pangea CMS will be supporting adding specific images to Radio broadcast programs recorded via Pangea. You can set this feature in AudioSchedule and The Template Week.

This feature has been designed to avoid the same cover picture on program page, which means that editors have now the option to select a specific image per audio and it will be displayed as an episode on the pages.

Broadcast Images will be displayed on widgets, archive pages and on the player.

Date & time format configurable on widget level

We have developed a new configuration key which enables our services to set a different date / time format for multimedia and/or content widget. The new settings will appear separately on specific widget only.

Please, let us know, once you decide you are interested in using separate time settings on your widget. Our Customer Care specialists will be happy to help.

​Print Button on Responsive websites

Based on requests from our users, we are implementing a Print Button to print the website`s content (as an alternative to Ctrl+P shortcut). ​

The readers can print out any content (articles, news, blogs, transcripts) with text only, not including the images, embeds, related content nor comments.

To set the print button, it is necessary to configure following keys:

TV Scheduler

To complete the already developed Radio Schedule Page, we built a responsive TV Schedule page where all the meta-data (image, title and introduction of the show) are being taken from Video Scheduler in Pangea CMS.

The structure of the Calendar is very similar to the Radio Schedule Page - there will be displayed calendar days of the week and future shows. The Calendar works for all devices - with or withouth javascript.

If you would like to start using TV Scheduler, please create a manual link to /schedule/tv.htm or /schedule/tv.htm#live-now or pick TV Scheduler from Special pages menu in any Link settings in pangea CMS.

More widgets on 4 column section layout

As requested by our editors, we have increased the number of widgets in 4 column section layout. By adding one 4column widget and four 1column widget, the total number of widgets for the editors to use is now 25. The main benefit of this section layout is its proportional structure being presented more precisely on tablets.

Link to Author`s biography page on content page

We have implemented another option how the readers can gain more information about the auhors on content page. To create the link to author, it is necessary to check Generate Content check box in Pangea CMS.

Comment Improvements

The commenting functionality has been improved to work on devices with no Javascript , also the access log has been implemented to comments.

With this release, we are also implementing the possibility to report a comment. When user sends the report, a system message wull show up on a content page and the comment moderator will get notified about it via notification e-mail.
In case you would like to enable the reporting feature, let us know via Pangea Help Center portal and do not forget to localize the follwoing key:



One of the last features we were missing on Responsive Sites - Jobs page (including details about offered positions) will be implemented as a part of release 7.11 for RFE English site.

BBG Direct


In the previous release we have announced a new feature called "Saved Search" which makes the search process faster and easier.
Now we are adding a feature for e-mail notificitaion with which you can set how often would you like to be informed about fresh content on daily,weekly or motnhly basis. This e-mail will include the list of your saved searches with information on how many items have matched the filter.

After this relaease, you will be also able send to Direct new content types from Pangea CMS such as Transcript, News, Blog, PressRelease or Feature. To send the new content types into BBG Direct requires proper zone settings that would connect with BBG Direct.

MAM - Multimedia Asset Management

Automatic Project Creation (APC)

Multimedia Asset Management offers newly an option to create projects automatically.

This function allows to producers to set the system to create folders on FTP ir server automatically every night. Any files uploaded in the filder are going to be automatically ingested to Pangea MAM.

MAM will:

  • Create once on a daily basis (after midnight)
  • Project Metadata
  • Physical folder is created in FTP Watch Folder
  • MAM will automatically ingest all files created in project folder and add them to porject
  • E-mail notification will be sent after file is ingested (after processing is done)

Export Project

From now on, the users will have the ability to export projects created in MAM to a local destination.

  • When the user hits the export button, Pangea MAM system will start collecting all the files within the project and copy them from Pangea MAM storage to a local storage.
  • When the export is finalized, the user will get an e-mail notification including the status of the export (successful or unsuccessful)

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