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7.08 Release Highlights

Pangea Highlights 7.08


In this release we re bringing some desired features for Responsive sites - namely Pangea TV Widget, Facebook comments, login & registration feature and embedded backgrounder support. We have also updated Multimedia Asset Management (MAM) with Video Edit Page and ability to ingest and/or watch folders. More in Release notes.

Responsive Web Sites

Pangea TV Widget

As of this release, the Responsive sites can now utilize streaming TV widget. Pangea TV widget can be used only after the tube is created and set properly. We offer the option to configure the TV widget to be shown non-stop or only for a specific period of time.

Setting up the widget in Pangea CMS:

Facebook Comments

We are proud to announce that commenting on Facebook is now available for all Responsive sites. This feature is enabled for those visitors having a Facebook account. Moderation of the comments is available through Facebook moderating tool here.

Note that the feature expects a localization key Forum.FacebookForumTitle.
If you need help with the Facebook commenting setup, do not hesitate to contact our Pangea Support Team.

Login & Registration Feature

The registration is shared with Desktop sites, which means the services do not need to create new registration for Responsive and it is being activated automatically. Both, login and registration are currently available only for commenting. However, we are planning to bring more benefits to Pangea members in the future.
Before using this feature, please check all the localization keys that could be localized under "Signup." and "AccessLog." keys.

This feature is very similar to its Desktop version and there is no major change in Pangea CMS. Check Membership menu in CMS (Administration | User Management | Manage Membership users) and manage your users.
The login appears to the users on the top navigation and in the comments.

Embedded Backgrounders Support

From now on, all the embedded backgrounders are being displayed on Responsive and new embedded backgrounders can be created within Pangea CMS.
The embedded backgrounders serve to provide more information on a specific topic within an article. They can contain text or any embedded content like image, video, audio, etc.

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