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7.09 Release Highlights



In this release we are bringing some of the desired features for Responsive sites - namely Radio schedule page, sharing of the content widget, image in a widget`s header and new layouts - 4 column grid and Top story widget. We have improved the loading of images and login & reset password feature. We have also updated Multimedia Asset Management (MAM) with adaptive video streaming and video in full HD quality. More in Release notes.

Responsive Web Sites

Sharing content widget

For many of our users it is essential to share a content with other websites and/or entities, therefore we developed the widget sharing that allows to share widgets with the content as articles, transcript, news, blogs, press release, features, quizes, live blogging, infographics, videos, photogalleries, broadcast programs and audios included into responsive sections/infopages/regions.

However, this functionality is available only for the websites that are fully responsive.

After the creation of a content widget, the editor needs to generate an embed code that should be passed to the affiliate or the embed code could be also re-used in the responsive HTML widget via external snippets.

The shared widget will be displayed on the third party`s website including the link to the original content page on the responsive website.

Local Date and Time Zone on responsive

As our journalists distribute the news in EST time zone, it might have been slightly confusing for the readers and listeners figure out what time/ what zone was the program scheduled for. Therefore, we have implemented the option of time zone visibility on your websites by all those places, where the time and date are displayed (e.g. a radio/video page, live audio/video page, live blog, schedule page). The time zone could be also added to the footer as an information displayed by default

Audio and content in audio archive zone

This functionality of the audio archive page has been updated by adding a new tab called "Articles" for any article content type (e.g. articles, news, transcripts, etc.).

The new tab will be displayed automatically on responsive sites once there will be an article content type in audio archive page and there will be only article content included under the mentioned tab.

To translate the new tab`s name to your language, use the following localization key: Responsive.Program.Menu.Articles.Text

Radio Schedule Page

We are also presenting a new radio schedule page on responsive design. Promoting the audio schedule will be created by adding /radioschedule.html in a media navigation in CMS.

The days shown in a date navigation will appear as full week on desktop and on small screens only as yesterday - today - tomorrow.

We would recommend you to check the localization keys related to the date format and for the date name it is preferable to use the shortcuts as of the limited space.

Image as a widget header

From now on, editors can use an image as a widget header for the widgets in responsive design. Setting up the widget header is included in the settings of the widget under Header Display Type > Use image for header.

New Layout on responsive : Four column grid

A new four column grid for sections has been implemented. The layout gives you options of 1 column, 2 and 4 column widgets.
We enlarged the width of the websites from original 1176px to 1256px.
Such settings will help your website look professional on any device, as on small screens there will be no more gaps and empty spaces.

New Layout for Content widget: Top Story Widget

From now on, the editors can use our new Top Story Widget for any responsive section, region or infopage.
The layout will include one item only (one article, transcript, etc.) and its picture will be displayed as a main image together with content title and introduction.
The introduction will be hidden on the small screens such as mobile devices.

New Features - MAM & Multimedia projects

Adaptive streaming of video on-demand

As of this release, our users will be able to consume videos based on the network capability. Users watching videos on lower bandwith network will receive automatically the content in lower bitrate, those users watching videos with higher bandwith network will receive the content in higher bitrate.

We hope this will increase the user experience of our mobile audience as it will not only deliver video on-demand more consistently, but also help our users save their data plans.

Full HD Video

As part of our strategy to improve the video experience of our users, we have also focused on audience with high-end connectivity. Therefore, videos uploaded to Pangea CMS are now available in full HD quality.

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