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Manual streaming to YouTube

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About manual streaming

What is manual streaming?

The Manual stream tool in Pangea CMS lets you stream video content to multiple social media accounts (as well as to your website if desired). Manual streaming offers the following benefits:

  • It is not necessary to schedule the broadcast in advance.
  • It is not necessary to know beforehand exactly when the broadcast will end.
  • Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Manual streaming is ideal for reporting on breaking news and special events.

Can I stream to multiple platforms?

Yes. One manual streaming event might include multiple platforms. For example, you can simultaneously stream the same video content to YouTube, Facebook, and the website. However, you cannot run more than one manual streaming event in parallel.

This article contains information about manual streaming to YouTube. Information about manual streaming to other platforms is available below:

For information about manual streaming to your website, see the following article:

Open the Manual stream tool

To access the Manual stream tool, go to Scheduler > Manual stream.

Configure stream settings in Pangea CMS

Provide the following details on the Manual Live Stream screen:

Name of the stream

Under Name of the stream, enter a name to help identify the stream in Pangea CMS. This name is not visible via streaming platforms.

NOTE: If you enable Stream to website, the name you provide is displayed by default on the Manual stream widget. However, this option can be enabled or disabled manually in the widget settings. For detailed information, see the following article:

Mandatory ending time

Under Mandatory ending time, enter a time when the stream will automatically end. Enter the ending time according to the local time for your website.

The purpose of this setting is to ensure that streams are not left to run indefinitely in Pangea CMS. It is not necessary to know exactly when the stream will end ahead of time. If you do not know when the stream will end, enter an approximate time that is longer than you will need.

NOTE: The latest time you can enter is 8 hours ahead of the current local time for your website.


Under Source, select the correct source for the stream. When you select a source, you can check the current content from this source in the Preview window.

NOTE: We do not recommend using the Preview in Pangea CMS to gauge when to start the stream, as it may include a delay of up to one minute. If the Preview stops working, it does not mean necessarily that the stream is also not working. Just the Preview might be down.

Phone and email

Provide the following contact details:

  • Email
  • Phone

Follow the guidelines below:

  • Enter the phone number including the country code but without 00 or + (for example, 420123456789).
  • Ensure no trailing spaces are included in the Email field, as this may cause the stream to fail.

The contact details will be used for notifications about the stream or if we need to contact you about any problems.

Social media

Use the Social media drop-down menu to select YouTube.

The following additional fields appear that must be completed:

  • Name of channel: The name of the social media page you are streaming to. This will be visible only in Pangea CMS.
  • Server URL: Needs to be retrieved from YouTube.
  • Stream key: Needs to be retrieved from YouTube.

Configure stream settings in YouTube

To configure the stream settings in YouTube:

  1. Go YouTube Studio and select Create > Go live in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Edit to adjust the title that is shared with the stream and optionally provide a description.

You can now copy the Server URL and Stream key.

Copy the Server URL and Stream key from YouTube

Perform the steps below:

  • Select Copy next to Stream URL. Paste this value to the Server URL field in Pangea CMS.
  • Select Copy next to Stream key (post in encoder). Paste this value to the Stream key field in Pangea CMS.

Optionally stream to multiple platforms. If you want to stream to YouTube only, start the stream.

Stream to multiple platforms

You can stream to multiple social media platforms simultaneously. As soon as you provide all the details for the first platform, an additional Social media drop-down menu becomes active.

Under Social media, select the second platform where you want to stream. You need to provide the Name of channel, Server URL, and Stream key separately for every platform.

Find information about streaming to different platforms in the articles below:

If you also want to stream to the website, tick the box next to Stream to website.

Manual streaming to the website works via a Manual stream widget. For detailed information, see the following article:

Start the stream

To start the stream, hit Start stream in Pangea CMS. The stream starts automatically in YouTube after you perform this step.

End the stream

Two steps are necessary to end the stream:

  1. Select End stream in YouTube.
  2. In Pangea CMS, select Cancel streaming to stop streaming to YouTube or Delete stream to stop the whole streaming event (including other platforms).

The stream ends.

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