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How to stream to Twitter

In March 2021, Periscope deprecated and is no longer a stand alone app. Previously it was used to create stream keys for Twitter. This is a brief manual on how to stream to Twitter following this change.

  • In order to stream with a stream key, you must login to Media Studio and into your twitter account.
  • In Twitter, click on More and choose Media Producer
  • You must then log out of Twitter and log back in again. You will then see Media Studio, under the More options.
  • Now go to and click on Create Broadcast.
  • Fill in the first two fields of the form and choose Create New Source

  • Choose the Source Name,choose the Region, click on Create.
  • Below, you can see the the URL and Stream key needed for Manual Streaming (refer to the Manual Streaming guide in Showcase).
  • Lastly, do not forget to click on "Tweet", in order to publish the live stream

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