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Basic information

After creating a content item, you can schedule publication for a specific time and date in the future. At the specified time, the content item will be visible on the public site.

Schedule publication

To schedule publication:

  1. On the edit screen for the content item, hit General in the left panel.
  2. Under Status, select Published.
  3. Under Publication date & time, enter the date and time when you want the item to be published.
  4. Hit Save or Save & close to confirm and apply your preferences.

The content item will be published at the specified time.

Find scheduled content

NOTE: This section describes functionality that won't be available until after the release of CMS 8.26 on September 12th 2023. For detailed information about the 8.26 release, see the following article:

In CMS search, scheduled content is marked with the Scheduled icon.

To quickly find scheduled content:

  1. Select Scheduled under Publication date & time in the search filters.
  2. Under Status, either leave nothing selected or select Published.
  3. Hit Search.

The results include only scheduled content.

Share content while it's scheduled

You don't need to wait until the specified publication time to start sharing a scheduled content item. You can perform the following actions while publication is scheduled:

  • Embed a scheduled content item into the body of a content page.
  • Add a See Also link to a scheduled content item on a content page.
  • Add a scheduled content item in Related content on a content page.
  • Add a scheduled content item to a widget using Manual mode.

The scheduled content item remains hidden on the widget or content page until the specified publication time. After this time, the content item automatically becomes visible.

When you embed a scheduled content item on a content page, the placeholder in CKEditor includes the Scheduled badge to show that the embed is not yet visible on the site.

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