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CKEditor is third party software incorporated into CMS in order to create and style article content. It is also used in HTML widget and on other pages in its limited form. We have customized it to provide you more functionality such Embedding Multimedia content.


The purpose of Source view is to allow you to insert and manipulate the text in HTML format. Maximaze button works in both source and normal mode extending it full screen. Show blocks display text in paragraph blocks.

Embedding content

Allows you to Embed any kind of multimedia in body of your article.
It opens Search alike new window and also allows attaching external media.
If you switch to Attach external media tab where all Snippets are available.
More info how to embedded content in How to create embedded content.

Map / Article breaks / Quotes

Google map adds map image with location of your choice. Hit Find > Save.
Blog Archive break inserts paragraph break in article. Article page break chops the article and create another page that could be viewed also as one page. Quote inserts icon representing quoted sentence with specifically formatted text. You can also add Quote without quotes without this icon.

Link / Anchor / Character / Table

Link allows you to insert highlighted clickable URL into text. To unlink clik on the link and hit the Unlink button and it will become ordinary text. Use Anchor to create flag in particular point of your article where you can link to using Link. Change Link Type to Anchor > Select Anchor name. Special Character opens new pop up window where you can easily select symbol. You can also insert Table and define its parameters. Border size 0 makes the table invisible keeping only the table format. Right click on table to edit it.

Copy / Paste / Undo / Search

To activate Cut or Copy icons you need to highlight some text first. Paste as plain text removes all formatting of imported text. Undo or Redo takes you one action back or forth. Find & Replace opens interface to search for text within CKeditor content and replace it. Select all highlights all text.

Lists / Indent / Alignments

For Numbered and Bullet list either hit the icon and start typing or highlight the text and then hit the icon. For greater indent hit Increase Indent icon repeat if needed. To decrease it hit Decrease Indent icon. Block of text can be aligned left or right. Text direction can be from right to left or left to right.


There are several standard formats that could be also combined together. Remove Format removes all kinds of formatting over highlighted text.
Zoom in and out is just magnifying text within CKEditor, it will not reflect on front end site. Reset Zoom will set text size back to default size.

Breaks and double breaks

Please note due to bug in CKEditor that was removing spaces we had to implement fix adding these spaces. And it has side effect: Anytime you hit enter on the end of the line empty line is added.The workaround is to hit SHIFT + ENTER on the end of the line instead of just ENTER.

HTML Validation

Due to FISMA security policies we were forced to restrict HTML code that could be placed into body of article. In case you insert such unsupported code the validation message will pop up preventing you from saving the article.

Please note there is also validation to confirm that only valid links are placed in your article. If you insert invalid link into your article or edit article with invalid link error message will pop up preventing you from saving the article.