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Embedded Content
Embedded Content


It is now possible to embedded content such YouTube or SoundCloud URL or embed code into Article or HTML widget using CKEditor button Insert Embed Content. Also any Pangea multimedia embed code can be used across all sites and entities.

How to embed External Media

1. Open any article for editing or edit any HTML widget.
2. Using CK Editor > click on Insert Embed Content Icon .
3. New window will pop up. Switch to Attach external media tab.
4. Into External media URL or Embed code field paste eg. You Tube URL.
5. Hit Search button to validate the URL. After successful validation.
6. Attach it to article or widget by hitting Attach button.

Pangea system provides embed player that also fits to mobile devices.

How to obtain embed code

1. Visit any external media provider such you tube and play video.
2. Click Share button located usually under the player.
3. From default Share tab switch to Embed tab.
4. Copy the code from field below within <iframe> tag.
5. As you check / uncheck additional option the code changes.
You can also define desired width and height other than default.

How to get Pangea embed code

You can also embed Pangea: Audio / Video / TV / External Widget.
All you need is embed code in <iframe> tag. That can be found on both front end as well as back end site. On front site it is located under share icon of any player. On back end side it is usually located in edit page. TV embed code can be found under tube edit page.

How to embed Infographics

Infographics can be attached to articles or article widgets using CK editor.
Hit Insert embed content icon. Stay on attach from Pangea tab Under Interactive select Infographics and hit Search > hit + Attach icon.
For more info about Infographics please read Creating Infographics Guide.

How to embed Snippets

Embedding snippets is similar to embedding infographics. Instead of Infographics you select Snippet option under Interactive menu. Please beware some snippets may require parameters such width and height
to be entered upon attach.

To create a new snippet please send us Request.

Prior creating or requesting new snippet please check out all available snippets for external media listed below that can be found under external media tab. Most of them require only URL or embed code.