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Live Streaming Tips for Use with Pangea

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When it comes to delivery of live multimedia content to the target user, current technology capabilities provide us with a multitude of options. The term "streaming" refers to a process of delivering media, rather than to a medium itself. Multimedia are being constantly received by the target user and presented by the provider. The advantage of live multimedia streaming is to enable the target user to play the content before the entire file is fully transmitted. On the other hand, its main disadvantages are lags or outages, which those with slow internet connection might encounter.

Pangea provides you with two options of delivery of live multimedia content to the target users:

Live Streaming Widget

The first option is relatively static. You can place a widget on your Section page that will stream your content. The Live Streaming widget supports only RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) developed by Adobe. Alternatively, the content of your stream can be created dynamically. However, it will be delivered only by those widgets that you previously assigned.
Live Streaming widget
Live Streaming widget

To learn more about the Live Streaming widget's functionality, check Live Streaming Widget paragraph in Pangea Widgets guide.

Internet TV

The second streaming option enables you to create more dynamic streaming content, which can be easily managed by multiple users in Pangea.
Internet TV
Internet TV

To learn more about the Pangea Internet TV feature, check the following Internet TV guides:
Basics - gives you basic information on Pangea Internet TV feature;
Video Scheduler - explains how Internet TV shows are scheduled by Pangea;
Publisher - teaches you to use the Internet TV Publisher application in Pangea, and become a part of Internet TV show just by using your web camera;
Manager - provides information on usage of the Internet TV Manager application and the Internet TV show management in Pangea.

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